Keeping the Dirt in heavy Rain – Woe J. Grimm

AT Devil’s Run


LOCATION : Devil’s Run
COMMANDERS: Nekrat vs Uezgursmaster

MISSION : Scour 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts

Forge Fathers



(So our third battle of the day, 150 points as we hoped for something else but dice to set the outcome. Scour against 5 Pathfinders with a DOG and a Jetbike, shesh)

>>> Opening Channel to Control > Authentication: Kelar Grimmeid; Forge Guard, Access Level: 2, Priority: 3 > Open

Enforcers Scouts were gathering on the other side, they surrounded us quite well, the Huscarl ignored my warnings and I readied for combat. Woe seemed eager at the prospect of a possible confrontation.

Before I could argue a dialogue a Thorgaim Grimmfels was killed by the opposing Sniper and a grenade was hurled at Woe. He survived his crash against a pipe.
I advanced immediately and laid suppressing fire onto an enemy on a high vantage to our right. He was slower than expected and hit by several round, falling to his demise afterwards. Steel Warrior Grimmstein advanced as I signalled and he expertly shot down a DOG remote, at this time real heavy rain set in and shooting at long ranges became obstructed. Despite that the opposing bike wounded the Huscarl, who smoked his position in response.
Another hostile climbed up to Steel Warrior Grimmstein, marked him and proceeded to kill him.
The opposing leader advanced and secured two datapads (2 Intel markers in one cube, 4 VP to the Enforcers…) Woe was not to be held back and he climbed up behind the hostile which had thrown the grenade at him. He rolled to his feet behind him and hit home with approximately 23 projectiles. Killing the hostile.
(End of round 1: 8 – 5 Enforcer lead.)

The smoke dissolved and their Sniper expertly shot the Huscarl, killing him, a replacement commander will be necessary for this section. I took command. Woe was under fire from the Bike but his armour held, he reported the enemy leader in sight. I sanctioned the attack and he jumped down starting shooting in mid-air, with approximately 34 hits the opposing leader was taken out.
Strafing the Bike and Sniper to suppress them I was hit in the back from the last flanking hostile, my armour was not breached. Steel Warrior Grimmhelm advanced after an unsuccessful shot at the opposing sniper.
(11 – 8 Enforcer lead.)
Woe was exposed and the nearby hostiles suppressed, so I ordered him to CQB the Sniper, he rushed up the walls and managed to wound the hostile. The Bike tried to assist but could harm Woe. The flanking hostile marked Steel Warrior Grimmhelm, but couldn´t wound him. I suppressed the shooter, we advanced.
Steel Warrior Grimmhelm joined the attack on the enemy Sniper, but he evaded the attacks, I climbed up the walls and swung at the hostile as well, he deftly evaded. The Bike left the CQB and returned all to no avail. We were in a temporary stalemate.

Woe finally managed to get a shot at the Snipers knee and took him down. He is currently under medical care for future trading. The Bike and last flanking hostile hid for now. We gave chase and Woe and the Bike had a firing duel in which approximately 327 shots were fired. (4 Shoot actions to no avail between these two) Woe also survived the attacks from the last hostile on foot. While advancing to strafe the Bike I ordered Steel Warrior Grimmhelm to retrieve resources for extraction. Unexpectedly the Bike went out of function as I strafed it, the rider smashed into the nearby wall and lost consciousness, he is in our arrest as well.
The remaining hostile kept firing at us, I jumped down and ran through his fire towards him. As I ascended to his position h fired a point blank shot into my head, it deflected and I smashed his midriff with my hammer. He most likely will recover.
With all opposition gone. We cleared the resources and the field.

The losses were unfortunate but sufferable according to the gains of the engagement. I hereby confirm the commendable battlefield behaviour of Woe J. Grimm, despite his obvoisu eagerness and disposition for overkill, he kept a cool head and followed orders when given.
End of report.
>>> Closing Line


Forge Fathers WIN


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