Lethbridge Ranked match #1

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Olivier O’Brien vs Cait C

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Olivier O'Brien
Olivier O'Brien
Wargamer/Modeller From Lethbridge AB. Trying to get a local wargaming group going. Meeting mixed success.




Squeek’s Scavenger’s moved through the fungal overgrowth carefully. The biological sampling site was somewhere up ahead, though it it could not be seen through the “forest”. The foolish scientists had sent out their distress signal by radio broadcast, and it had been easy to pinpoint its location. A further stroke of luck had come with finding a mule with two of the site’s crew still alive and… talkative. Squeek’s brood now had full bellies a map to the site’s rear entrance. It was an advantage, but who knew who else had intercepted the transmission.

As it happened the Nebula’s wake clade had intercepted it. Rescuing the scientist hardly appealed to the haughty asterians, but certain clues hidden in the transmissions from the site had alarmed them. The childlike bumbling of the GCPS had, perhaps, once again stirred up grave danger, and the Nebula clade was going to clean it up.

Both parties came into eachother’s view at the same time, but the Veer-Myn were the first to act. The malignus leading the flanking force launched two grenades into the tightly packed mannequins, killing two outright and throwing more from cover into open ground.

The Nebula clade returned fire, but their normally devastating gun line failed to blunt the veermyn’s advance. With few heights to seize they arrayed themselves in depth, shooting as they went. On their left flank they were overrun nearly instantly by the surging veer-myn troops. On the right they had more luck, as the combined weight of fire from their bombards and fission beams had Killed Squeek’s nightmare bodyguard, and pinned her far back from the fighting. It seemed as though the battle had stabilized, and perhaps the legendarily deadly shooting of the asterians would turn aside the veer-myn rabble.

Disaster struck the beleaguered Asterians as a night terror broke through their left flank, mauling the Clade’s overseer to death, while two especially daring crawlers climbed up the sampling station itself and pulled a cypher from his skyrazer, tearing the droid apart with their rusty knives. The Clade continued the fight a little longer, if only to try to recover their overseer’s body, but were soon overwhelmed by the Veer-myn’s seemingly endless numbers. Behind the front line of the fighting stalkers were already tearing into the site’s sample containers and computers. Faced with a hopeless situation the Clade deactivated their few remaining droids, and opened negotiations with Squeek’s scavengers through some marauder intermediaries. Perhaps they would be willing to cede the site and the remains of the clade for a few baubles.


Veer-Myn WIN


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