Lethbridge Ranked match #3

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Olivier O’Brien vs Knighthawk2024

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Olivier O'Brien
Olivier O'Brien
Wargamer/Modeller From Lethbridge AB. Trying to get a local wargaming group going. Meeting mixed success.




Paddy’s Patriots, a green but eager detachment of enforcers, returned to the pump station outside of Command Post Delta for the second time in one day. Having driven off the reb rabble they were disappointed to find the station offline by the time they returned to base. The security drones they left behind had caught only a few fleeting frames of stooped figures, furtively crawling out of the duct works.

The enforcers were still fresh out of their pods, and couldn’t stay out of them for long. As a result their commander put them on a triple ration of Crow co’s “fightmilk”, a semi legal protein and stimulant slurry. Perhaps this explains the sudden and decisive speed with which they struck. Spying a furtive movement through the lower windows of the pump station, the squad opened fire with a variety of weapons.

On the other side of the station squeek’s salvage crew was torn apart by heavy weapons fire. The lead malignus and his hauling nightmare were killed instantly, while the night terror sniffing at the dead rebs around the corner was soon to follow.

Squeek and her brood attempted to gain a height advantage, scaling the pump station in a desperate scramble for cover. Their plans were foiled when the enforcer’s flanking unit arrived, a sniper arrived in the heights behind the Veer-Myn. Death rained down on the them from both sides, and soon over half their crew had been killed.

In a final bid for victory Squeek and her remaining crew made a desperate charge for the enforcer commander. A few of them made it through and a desperate melee ensued. Unable to pierce the enforcer’s armour the Veer-Myn fell one by one. The enforcers had captured most of the computer consoles and were on the verge of reactivating the station’s automated defenses, while Squeek had been badly injured. Defeat was near and the brood mother slinked away with her few surviving children. Paddy’s Patriots had retaken the pump station for the second time in a single day – this time they were going to mine it.


Enforcers WIN


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