Massacre at Delta

AT Delta Landing Zone


LOCATION : Delta Landing Zone
COMMANDERS: Alan vs Fiona

MISSION : Occupy | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Alan Goodenough
Alan Goodenough
New to Deadzone and always looking for other players around Oxfordshire, UK. Playing as Forge Fathers and Asterians for the campaign

Forge Fathers



Huscarl Skarim had a bad feeling about this. Something was… wrong. Skarim looked out across the landing site, it wouldn’t be long until they were off this god forsaken rock and back in civilisation and he could get back to his factory. A chill hung on the air and there was a smell, like rotting fish that still made it through the filter in his face mask. He took the initiative and order the Iron Ancestor, such a devistating machine, to take out the Pathfinder Sergeant but only a single hit was made despite firing both guns.

The Enforcers giant stryder took aim at the Ancestor and tore a hole in it but not enough to remove it from the fight. A Steel Warrior with a missile launcher failed to dent the giant machine. The only comfort was that an Enforcer was take out by a well placed booby trap.

More of Skarim’s men fell in what can only be described as a massacre until only the Iron Ancestor remained.

Perhaps today was a good day to die.


Enforcers WIN


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