Miner Engagement

AT Damrod Mining Facility J28


LOCATION : Damrod Mining Facility J28
COMMANDERS: James Dunbar vs Cailean Dunbar

MISSION : Search & Destroy 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts

James Dunbar
James Dunbar
Commander of the N17 "Renegades", ready to enforce the council's will on Starfall. Blog: http://paintthepantsblue.blogspot.com/



Forge Fathers

Thunder rolled overhead as the pathfinders advanced, the accompanying interference wreaking havoc with their sensor equipment. Sergeant Pastor had long since given the order to stop using comms – the static bursts were more likely to deafen them than permit effective communication.

Skirting the steep cliffs of the mountain, they finally arrived at their target, an off-the-books and long since abandoned mining operation. Who had developed it was something of a mystery, but one never investigated by Damrod, who just seemed content that those responsible had respected their contractual ownership of the area’s mineral rights. Without the regular upkeep required in Starfall’s harsh climate the equipment and buildings had become heavily corroded. All signs indicated that anything of real value had already been stripped.

But something else had also been added since.

Orbital sensors, those powerful enough to penetrate the interference, indicated that members of the Ul-Ug’urub had may have planted one of their terraforming devices in the mine. Her orders: take a scouting group from task force N17 and turn that “may” into either an “is” or “is not”.

A burst of fire rang out. Kuang, who had worked his way up the cliff face, hit the deck as shards of rock erupted around him. “Dwarfs!” he called out, quickly working his way to an out of sight position.

“Weapons hot! Secure the mine!”

The pathfinders rushed forward. O’Maoláin fired up his jump pack and began setting up his sniper rifle on the old facility’s balcony. Before he could so much as look through the scope, however, a veritable flood of fire burst from within the ruined tower opposite. Several rounds caught him in the chest, and he tumbled limply back to down to the rocky ground below.

Pathfinder Samuel scaled a climbable section of cliff to quickly slip into one of the mine entrances. Across the field he spotted two steel warriors set up behind a defensible section of ruined wall. Their field of fire had the rest of his team covered, and effectively pinned them where they were. This would not do. Lining up his shot, he calmly squeezed. The shot caught the dwarf on the chin of his helmet, and he disappeared from view. The hail of dwarf shooting briefly abated, and pathfinder Xavier took advantage to press further forward.

It was at this moment Samuel noticed what Xavier had not – two shadowy figures had mysteriously emerged, and they had… pink tails? Dimly recalling the mention of possible Veer-myn presence at the mission briefing, he quickly leveled his rifle and put the nearest of them down. He was too slow to stop the other, however, and the over-sized rat leaped at Xavier, swinging a nasty looking electrified spear. Samuel shouted, and Xavier was able to avoid the mortal blow, but was still sent reeling with a nasty gash to his leg. Realising the situation, assault enforcer Behrends surged up the cliff side, embedding his wristblade in the creature’s spine.


Engineer Bently had bitten off more than he could chew. Attempting to secure the central stairs up to the mine, he had been pinned under Hailstorm autocannon fire from the ruined tower. No amount of firepower seemed capable of halting the shooter within – Bently suspected that Forge Guard armour was involved.

From his prone position, he spotted a figure charging towards him. From the ornate armour and weaponry Bently recognised a huscarl. He attempted to scramble to his feet, but it was too late – the hammer blow caught him in the side, sending him sprawling. Pain overwhelmed him, and the silhouette of the dwarf commander was the last thing he saw before passing out.

Had he remained conscious for even a second longer, he would have seen his foe cut down from a hail of rifle fire. Pathfinder sergeant Pastor ducked back behind her cover and checked her ammo. She was about to move to Bently’s position when a burst of fire forced her to remain where she was – a steel warrior was now standing over his downed huscarl and had her pinned.

The roar of Behrends jump pack was all the warning the steel warrior had before the assault enforcer was on him. The dwarf deflected the initial strike with skill, and launched a furious counter attack, landing a blow that would have broken ribs were it not for the enforcer’s armour. As the dwarf attempted to regroup, Behrends hooked his foot under the steel warrior’s leg, causing it to topple and opening the window for the coup de grâce.

With the warrior dead, all that remained was the Forge Guard in the tower. During the desperate fighting over the staircase, the Hailstorm autocannon armed dwarf had been doing work, killing or incapacitating Kuang, Xavier and Nikos, and had kept Samuel pinned in the mine’s entranceway. All alone, however, and with his leader down, the veteran dwarf recognised defeat and swiftly withdrew.

Forge Fathers: 13
Enforcers: 18


Enforcers WIN


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