Mission Report Crimson Death #01

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Ahriman vs Melanie

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts




Enforcer Sergeant “Crimson Queen” surveyed a desolate part of Command Post Delta. She and her team were orded here because of strange power readings from the generators there. Sure enough a small squad of Veer-myn used this area as there hideout.
“Crimson Queen” and here squad took postion to attack the pests.

The Veer-myn also took positions with the Prigenitor and his trusty grenate launcher in the back.

Soon the skirmish started. The Enforcer soon took hold of several key positons. The Veer-myn used their higher ground speed to outflank the Enforcers. “Crimson-8” holding the factory got ambushed by a Malignus and the Defendershield proved to be no match for the Chemspitter.

“Crimson Ace”, the teams sniper, retaliated directly and killed the Malignus just to be charged by a Nightmare and a swarm of rats. He fought valiantly and was even able to injugre the giant rat monster with the butt of his rifle, but in the end neigher he or “Crimson Queen”, who came to support, made it out of the combat.

The last of the Enforcer team, “Crimson-3” held the minor power source for several rounds, but had to hide from the chemical grenades raining down. Preparing to strike at the Progenitor, the Veer-myn leader suddely appeared at the broken wall and tossed a fragmentation grenade, it had found before, in the building “Crimson-3” was hiding in. The explosion was amplified by the close quarters and the last Enforcer fell.

Heavily injured the Enforcers retreaded. Half of their team was killed, the others heavily wounded. The Veer-myn had found a new nest.


Veer-Myn WIN


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