Mission Report Crimson Death #02

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Ahriman vs Melanie

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts




The Enforcer soon returned to the area their brethren were defeated by the Veer-myn. This time the high command send a strike theam of Pathfinders supported by a Peacekeeper. Sergeant ER-C0 soon found signs of the rat creatures and ordered here team to spread out.

The veer-myn also had bolstered their numbers and added some more Stalkers to their ranks. They would not give up their new lair easily.

Chemical grenates soon flew over the battle field. Sergeant ER-C0 got hit and was injured and blow of her feet but ER-C2 helped her up with a medpack. The pathfinder Sergeant closed in on a primary targed, as a Stalker rushed up, claimed it before her and with an incredible lucky shot hit the head of the Sergeant killing her.

The Peacekeeper was not able to shield most of his team and so lumbered up, firing his Burstlaser at all Veer-myn staying in the open. he took revenge for the sergeant but was then charged by the Nighmare the two fought and the tough armor and shield blocked the two drills of the beast. The Peacekeeper took another hit while moving out of the combat but again without being injured. He turned around and blasted the Veer-myn monster twice until it stopped moving.

Next to that titanic fight the teams sniper, ER-C1, aimed down the side of the factory but even his enhanced reflexes could not react fast enogh as a Stalker rushed down that way and charged him. ER-C2 supported him fast enogh and both were able to kill the Veer-myn that the Sniper could kill another Stalker again claiming the other primary objective.
Enforcer ER-C3 meanvile secured the factory and tried to suppurt the Peacekeeper with shots at the Nightmare with not much succes. Suddenly a swarm of rats fall down on him and after a short struggle the rats killed him.

After the threat of the Nightmare was gone the sniper move up to line up a shot to the Malignus with the Chemthrower that had killed with the help of another Stalker his comrade that held the secondary objective on the flank. He killed the Veer-myn engineer only to be chared and killd by the Stalker. With that the losses of the Enforcers were to high and the Veer-myn had held to much ground, so the order to retreat was give. The Veer-myn were able to strenghen their hold on the region.


Veer-Myn WIN


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