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AT Delta Landing Zone


LOCATION : Delta Landing Zone
COMMANDERS: Dobby vs Andy

MISSION : Search & Destroy 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts




Shion, Prime of his Clade, paused behind the corner of a low hanger and scanned the street. Surveillance drones had picked up a small air transport on an erratic, unregistered course touching down in small vehicle park just east of the Delta Landing Zone. With the conflict that had been raging across Starfall it had been predicted that something would try and get off planet using part of the landing zone claimed by the Asterians. Despite their best efforts to infiltrate further into the zone undetected a small Ork combat team had been identified and where moving through the buildings on the other side of the street from Shion. His security Clade had fortuitously been in the area and had been quickly vectored in to intercept. Three of his team where scattered across the rooftops on overwatch while a fourth Cypher was with him, the flared shape of a short-range missile launcher aimed down the street.

“Contact. Engaging.” came sharply over the feed and Shions tactical display rapidly updated, data flashing on his display showing the location of the Marauders. Two small targets had been spotted on the opposite rooftops. The high snap of Noh rifles crackled and echoed off the buildings and he could see the coherent energy beams flash across the street.

“Two targets neutralised” one of his Cyphers reported but Shion had already started analysing the feed. In the twenty-two second exchange of fire two targets had been shot with 93% chance of fatalities. He ran the audio of the firefight and isolated five deep coughs under the sharp cracks of Noh rifles. Kinetic heavy rifles, probably some form of sniper rifle, which marked these Marauders as a kill team. The tactical feed built in to every Cypher swiftly disseminated the information to all members of his Clade.

Shion flicked a command across the feed to his missile launcher toting companion to take station behind some low containers in the middle of the alley. The Cypher Prime then moved across to the mouth of the alley with the wall at his back as an explosion echoed from the roof of the building he was just standing behind. The feed showed minor damage to the two Cyphers stationed there as they climbed to their feet as another Cypher posted to the North cut in a few seconds later, “Single target neutralised. Targets are armed with hand-held low-yield explosives”. That made three of the insurgents down, but total number was still unknown.

“Shion Clade, maintain overwatch” Shion sent and then sent an interrogative to drone control to see if they could give him a better idea of number and disposition. The transport the Marauder kill team had arrived in had been destroyed, judging by its erratic flight profile a victim of mechanical failure which meant these Marauders had no intention of going anywhere. Busy trading data streams with both security and drone controls, it wasn’t until the last moment that the sound of heavy breathing and claws on the street registered. A beast, its mouth augmented with crude metal lunged at him. Shion dropped to one knee and deflected the Mawbeasts charge with his shield, so that the stinking animal slid past him. Determined to get to grips with the cypher, the Mawbeast recovered and leapt back towards Shion. The Prime squirted off a non-verbal contact report to the rest of his Clade as he spun and raked his Lightblade down the charging beasts flank and almost bisected the animal.

Shion sensed through the tactical feed rather than saw the missile streak above his head and impact on a nearby building. His focus was rather on the second Mawbeast that had rounded the corner and was bounding towards him. Shion met this one head on and neatly decapitated the unfortunate creature, the head bouncing down the street even as its body came to rest.

The ripping sound of heavy kinetic gunfire rattled around the street, streams of bullets flashing from the barrel of a weapon held by a large Ork on the roof across the street. Gunfire hosed the rooftop opposite, Shion could see sparks flying from the armour of the Cyphers stationed there but causing no damage that the tactical feed could register.

Simultaneous engagement reports flashed across the feed as missiles and Noh bolts replied. The Ork disappeared in flame and smoke cut through with the bright flashes from the Cyphers rifles. Two seconds, two missiles and dozens of Noh bolts later a chunk of the building disintegrated leaving little of the Orks remains.

Led by their Prime, Shion Clade spread out through the buildings and streets to search for any more insurgents, but the tactical feed and drone control was not picking anything up between them and the crashed Marauder transport. It was far from over yet and getting perilously close before the window to leave Stafall closed.


The Marauders started badly, losing both Goblin Snipers very early and the Mawbeasts getting shut down by the Prime as both sides threw all kinds of command dice in to the fight. Cyphers and Commandos traded fire but even Frag grenades couldn’t help the poor Marauders. The Marauders last hope lay in the Commando Captain who died after nearly every Asterian on the board fired on him!


Asterians WIN


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