Operation Desert Storm MKII

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Glen vs Michael

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Forge Fathers



Forge Fathers are rather stubborn.

Thus it was that they managed to bring hammers to a gun fight, two times in just one night.

The GCPS again won the recon roll, and chose the better side as well as moving up 5 of their troopers ready to claim objectives from turn 1 with move command dice. The stider of course, performed his famous flanking manouver again.

The GCPS dropped their Ranger down on the ground level, near a 2 point objective.

A veteran moved up onto the objective.

One of the Steel Warriors ran with his stumpy legs and a move command dice to get an elevated shot on the veteran. But it failed. And worst yet, there was now an elevated laser cannon, which made short work of that Steel Warrior.

The Forge Fathers called in the Hammerfist Drop Trooper. But his super hero landing did nothing and his low armour couldn’t save him from elevated shooting.

The Forge Fathers were dropping like Veer-myn.

The Ranger grabbed a 2 point objective, and a vetran got the other, while the Strider flanked onto a 1 point objective again.

Turn 2 saw the Forge Fathers use their hammers to wound the Ranger on one objective, kill the vetran on the other while the Magma Cannon nearly destroyed the Strider.

But the elevated return fire killed too many Forge Fathers.

The Magma Cannon saw the end of the Strider and AP2 Heat Hammers and Hailstrom Autocannon managed the death of a couple more vetrans.

But the sneaky Major General was sitting on a 2 point objective and had already acheived 18 points. The Forge Fathers only manged 15.




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