Opperation Deset Storm MKI

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Glen vs Michael

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Forge Fathers



Operation Desert Strom MKI

The GCPS were green and in the hands of a rookie player with zero games of Deadzone under their belt.

A major General, Strider with Burst Laser and 2 heavy weapons teams, a ranger with a holo sight and multiple vetrans were in the rookie, Michael’s command.

The Forge Fathers were rather over confident, detrimined to carve out some mining rights for the Star Empire, which thus far had achived very little in the Battle for Starfall. So over confident they failed to bring any Iron Anscestors, for fear of pumuling the GCPS so badly that they’d leave the sector and have no one to sell the mining wealth from Starfall to.

The Forge Fathers brought some new weapons to test out, including a Thorgarim Huscarl, 2 Thorgarim troopers with AP2 Heat Hammers and 2 Forge Guard, one with a Hailstorm Autocannon, the other with a Magma Cannon. Two Steel warriors were supported by a Hammerfist Drop Trooper.

Deployment saw the GCPS win the recon roll, choose sides and flank with the stirder as well as ariel deploy a ranger with a holo sight on the tallest tower.

The Forge Fathers Hunkered down behind a solid wall, ready to race forward onto the objectives.

Turn 1, saw the Forge Father Forge Guard use his Hailstorm Autocannon to obliterate the Ranger with Holosight with an bonus command dice and weight of fire.

Having never seen the heat of battle, the GCPS major general was just about ready to surrender but he played on, killing a steel warrior and flanking the stider onto an 1 point objective with a good vantage point over the rest of the battlefield.

The Forge Guard with the Hailstorm Autocannon attempted to take out the heavy weapons team with the laser cannon and failed. After two shots they were carrying 3 wounds. But this wasn’t enough to stop them from obliterating the Maga Cannon.

This left nothing that had much hope of taking out the Strider, who used his burst laser to lay waste to much of the Forge Father force. If he didn’t kill them, he pinned them down.

The AP2 Heat Hammers were only brought to bear in combat twice, the first time back firing and resulting in a self inflicted wound against the Major General’s AP1 sword and the 2nd to smash the wounded and un-armoured laser cannon team. The suppression from the burst laser made it hard to make it onto the objectives or into combat. Soon the Forge Fathers were all dead or wounded. In a last ditch attempt they called down the Hammerfist Drop trooper. But the GCPS called in a drone strike to blast him off the objective. With his low armour he was soon killed from elevated shooting along with his AP2 heat hammer breathern.




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