Out of control (Project P – 17)

AT Mazon Compound


LOCATION : Mazon Compound
COMMANDERS: Uezguersmaster vs Nekrat

MISSION : Occupy | GAME SIZE: 200pts

The Plague



This was my seventeenth Deadzone game and our last one for the Outbreak campaign.

It was played yesterday (depending on your timezone… it was Sunday).

For our last game we wanted to try 200 points for the first time and to end our stories around our ‘special’ armies.

My opponent marshalled his Rebel Enforcers again (Enforcer list but fighting for Rebs).
He brought an Enforcer Captain with Laser Rifle, three Assault Enforcers (one with Shotgun), one Enforcer, a D.O.G. Drone, one Enforcer Specialist with Sniper Rifle and Ammo, one Enforcer Specialist with Burst Laser and AP Ammo and one Peacekeeper with Burst Laser and Defender Shield.

He had to suffer following:
An Evil Dr. as Leader, five Lab Technicians (three of them with Smoke Grenades), one Security Guard, two Plague Victims, one Organic Data Storage Unit (the Chovar) and TWO Aberration Specimen.
Since the contagion was completely out of control by then, I decided that my result would count for the Plague.

So this battle was Rebs versus The Plague.

The Enforcer Rebs won the Recon by one (after two ties), but that was almost everything they managed to achieve this game. They did not manage to damage or kill one of the Aberrations in the first round. The Lab Technicians on the other hand managed to place their smoke grenades perfectly, which saved serveral lives. The smoke even stayed for the second round.
The second round saw the Aberrations arriving the Enforcers but only one Assault Enforcer and one Plague Victim died. The third smoke grenade was successfully placed on top of one of the Aberrations and at the end of the round only the smoke in the back dissipated.
The slaughter started in round three. After fierce fighting there where one Aberration, one Lab Technician and two Plague Victims (which were freshly breeded), one Enforcer Captain, one Assault Enforcer, one Enforcer, a D.O.G. Drone and an Enforcer Specialits with Sniper Rifle less on the field.

The mission played was Occupy.
It ended 30-8 for The Plague.

Audio file recieved

point of origin: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall”, MAZ-1049 – Mazon Compound, Soylent Corp research area


– Warning! Containment breach! (Screams and shouting can be heard.)
– Cage 4 open.
– Cage 5 open.
– Cage 6 open.
– Dr. Bosen where are you?
– I am here Meyers.
– Cage 7 open.
– Cage 8 open. (Shots and screams can be heard.)
– We lost control of the security system, Dr..
– Cage 9 open.
– Cage 10 open.
– Oh really? Get over here you idiot!
– Cage 11 open.
– Cage 12 open.
– Cage 13 open. (Terrible screams ring out.)
– Cage 14 open.
– What should we do, sir?
– There is only one thing we can do now.
– Cage 15 open.
– Cage 16 open.
– We need to activate the P Protocol, Meyers.
– Se.. Seriously, sir?
– Cage 17 open.
– Of course, you moron. Or do you hope for some kind of divine intervention?
– Cage 18 open.
– Cage 19 open. (Gunfire and screams can be heard.)
– No, sir! Please follow me, sir!
– Cage 20 open.
– Warning! All cages have been opened.
– Hurry, we are running out of time.
– The company advices you to stay calm. Your work will be saved.
– There is the control panel. Are you really sure of this, sir.
– Turn that god damn key Meyers!
– Your attention please! Project P has been activated. Please breath calmly and deep. (Screams of panic ring out.)
– It won’t make any difference if you hold your breath for a few seconds, Meyers. Just accept your fate.
– Automatic defences activated.
– To all personnel: Follow the lights! Follow the lights!

[You can see an Organic Data Storage Unit moving to an elevator. It bears a marking which says ‘Storage Unit A – Project P’.
The elevator slowly raises up to an opening in the ceiling.]

– All available data has been secured.
– The company thanks all personnel for their efforts.
– This facility will now self-destruct.
– Preparing to overcharge the reactor, please wait.
– Ready for overcharge.
– Overcharging.
– Self-destruction in 10
– 9
– 8
– 7
– 6
– 5
– 4
– 3
– 2
– 1
– Thank you for your patience! Have a nice day!


The Plague WIN


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