Planetfall of Nightfall

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Nekrat vs Uezguersmaster

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts



Mazon Labs

“Sarah, they are here.”
She looked up from her Sniper Rifle, which lay disassembled before her, through the sheet of her black hair she saw a nervous Zee. Behind him marched two large, muscular, apeish looking aliens, with red skin and white hair. The first one was covered in blood and dust, he also appeared scorched, the other one was only dusty. They radiated aggression.
“Thank you Spaz, I´ll take it from here.”
She straightened which caught the attention of the bloody one.
“Are you Commander Shizuka?”
She couldn´t tell, but some disbelief seemed to be there. Maybe it was the surroundings, a dark cave in the hills close to Delta, which made him wonder. Or her ragtag appearance maybe.
“Yes, I am.” She put all her resolve into her answer.
“And you are Nekrat of the Chem-Pan-Sey. Our friends from the Star Realm heralded your arrival. I don´t know your rank to adress you correctly.”
He seemed content with this answer and smashed his fists cross-armed against his chest in a salute.
“Good, my Striketeam set down two local hours ago. I will tell my leaders to report to you, in order to coordinate our strikes. We know nothing of this world, but that it is filled with despicable filth.”
“Thank you. Any help ist highly appreciated.”
She wondered a little bit that he had not told his rank, also the aggression he radiated didn´t bother her anymore. He kinda liked his bearings. She pointed to his chest.
“I assume you had some run in, with some filth?”

(So we played our first game of Deadzone, I play for Rebels, but use the Enforcer army list, so don´t be confused ;), I won the recon and elected to go first: I had a Captain with Defender Shield and Rifle, 2 Assault (1 with Frag, 1 with Shotgun) and a Specialist with Burst Laser and Ammo; he brought the Security Captain, 2 Lab Techs, 2 “Victims”, 1 Marine, 1 Flamer Marine and 2 Security Guards; I forgot to take a picture of Deplyoment, so the first one is at the start of round 2)

“We took a look at a deserted outpost, when some humans showed up, most of them undisciplined and two of them infected ones. Nerasat (Assault; Frag) flanked them and we advanced, they fired some shots as did we, but nothing of note.”

“As Nerasat appeared we attacked.”

“He threw his grenade, two of them jumped away, but lived, he then charged into the soldier with the fire weapon, but only wounded him.”

He seemed displeased by that.

“Neteharat (Assault, Shotgun)stormed onto the roof towards the first data storage, we wanted to access and caved in the head of the man standing there. I was attacked by an infected I freed me of him, while Netart (Specialist, Burst Laser) killed one of them. All their fire was ineffective.”

“Still they swarmed the data pads, I killed the infected one, moved to the access point (Objective) and Neteharat ran towards one with a schock weapon (Lab Tech) and somehow was kiled by him (Tech 6 hits, to 0 from the Assault Enforcer).”

He gnarled at that.

“Nerasat also was killed in combat and the fire soldier came up. His fire was ineffective against me though. Yet, he survived long against mine and Netarts fire, before he fell.”

He seemed impressed.

“Netart shot everyone on the ground, while I impaled the other infected on my edge. (really bad roll for the “victim” here.) I was hit by a Grenade and was sent to the ground, as I scrambled up again, the enemy leader attacked me. He was well trained. It was a temporarily stalemate and I let him go. Here is the data from these terminals.”

He produced a disc and handed it to her.

“Thank you. I am sorry that you already had loses.”

“Don´t be. They died in battle, we set them on fire to join and joined them to our memory already. All is well. We will find a place to camp.”

With a salute he left, she had no time to protest. She was thrilled but wary of these new allies, but also very intrigued.


The Zee appeared.

“Get this to Intelligence please. I think our new friends had a run in with Soylent, that means Plague is around.”

Spaz did not seem happy.


Rebs WIN


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