Preparations for Prolonged Engagement

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Dunvane vs Landphil

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts





At approximately 21:00 SST (Sphere Standard Time) the forward scouting party of the Marauder detachment known to GCPS intelligence as “Sarge’s Slingers” or simply “the Slingers” was encountered at the Starfall landing site designated Command Post Delta by Ranger Outfit E7.

The engagement was short and bloody, with neither forces securing any critical objectives at the landing site before the Marauders’ retreat.

Intelligence agents were able to intercept a portion of the Slingers’ outgoing signal. The small selection of the signal clean enough to decipher follows:




“…amn mess down here is wha…”


“…epeat, redirect to landing zone theta. Sarge ain’t happy!”

*loud click*


The Slingers, upon discovery of the functioning landing pad at Command Post Delta, attempted immediate seizure of the assets for their own use.

GCPS Ranger Outfit E7, already surveying the area to set up a forward operating base, came upon the Marauders by surprise. A Recruit, approaching the landing pad’s structural platform on foot, was cut down at range by a HEW cannon hefted by the Slinger’s accompanying brute Hulk.

Ranger Sergeant Phil and Ranger Deej, dispatched from the unit’s dropship by aerial deployment, immediately covered the ground squad from their vantage point on top of the landing pad.

Unable to fire down upon the remaining Marauders who had secured the platform base, Ranger Sergeant Phil descended to the third level of the platform tower to engage the enemy. Upon reaching the third level, the Marauder sniper designated “Dannysan” launched a surprise attack on RS Phil, but to no avail. Their combat skills proved them equally matched, with RS Phil’s Energy Gauntlet giving him the upper hand, repelling the attacking goblin violently backwards through an exhaust fan, where he plummeted to the ground below.

(“This… is… a CONTAINMENT PROTOCALL: DEADZONE!” See what I did there? Haha! Hope Jim gets a kick out of this. ;) – Notation per Reporting Agent Tarly, 23:06SST)

(Jim, schedule RA Tarly for vidgate conference with me, direct line, 06:00SST. – Notation per Senior Reporting Agent Karleson)

Their small advantage lost with the fall of their sniper, the Slingers were forced to retreat, during which the GCPS dropship overheard managed to intercept the signal previously listed in this report.

GCPS Outfit E7 did not pursue, and is currently in control of the site, on orders to hold and wait for further reinforcement.

– FIN –




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