Redirecting the Attention of the Veer-myn (Project P – 7)

AT Damrod Mining Facility J28


LOCATION : Damrod Mining Facility J28
COMMANDERS: Uezguersmaster vs Nekrat

MISSION : Search & Destroy 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts



Forge Fathers

This was my seventh Deadzone game and my second with my Enforcer Pathfinders.

We played another game Forge Fathers versus Enforcer Pathfinders. My fourth game that day, Deadzone is so wonderful fast.

The Star Realm brought a Throgarim Huscarl and a normal Thorgarim (both with Smoke Grenades) as well as one Steel Warrior and a Hammerfist Drop Trooper.
The Special Strike Team send there consisted of a Pathfinder Sergeant, two Pathfinders (one with Smoke the other with Frag Grenade), one D.O.G. Drone and one Pathfinder Specialist with Sniper Rifle.

We played the Mission Search & Destroy 2.0 and this time we remembered to roll for the Veer-myn (well … at least at the beginning of the second round).

Again the high Recon helped A LOT.
I got to move everyone even before my scout moves again. In addition I got lucky and found one Intel right at the start. That my sniper survived the fall from the roof after the Hammerfist Drop Trooper hurled him down and then was able to oneshot the Hammerfist made the first round a perfect start (8-0 for me).
After that I only managed to kill the Thorgarim after he occupied the central objective. When the Thorgarim Huscarl got there nothing could remove him from that position (a true dwarf). He killed everything that got near this position, which where mostly Veer-myn, since firstly my troops died while trying to escape the Veer-myn to move around and secondly I am not a complete idiot.
My high lead helped me to win my first game of Deadzone ever, with 12-11 after the third round. It just took me seven games to win one…

[If you want to know more about the (Project P – n) in the title please take a look at the (Project P – 6) battlereport.]

Recipient: Council of Seven – Member Seven
Author: Forward Observer Lorvon Kartwill (ID designate RJ26-11-83)
Location: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall” (exact position: undisclosed)
Subject: Recovering of Data Pack “Project P”
Status: active


my troops where able to distract the Star Realm troops near the Damrod Mining Facility J28 from our search for your Data Pack. They used small targeted detonations to stir the Veer-myn population of the local nest and redirected the attention of the pests toward the dwarves.

We lost two Enforcer Pathfinders and one D.O.G. Drone in the process. But because of the stubbornness of the Forge Fathers they will most likely be too busy fighting off Veer-myn to secure the area for later mining operations for a considerable amount of time.
And since the Sergeant of my team confirmed that the Data Pack is definitely not in this region, the Dwarves trying to purge the local Veer-myn nest is in our interest.

Additionally the attack of the Veer-myn diminishes the possibility that the dwarves will get any information from wounded soldiers since these will likely get eaten by the Veer-myn before they can get captured.

About the ‘Soylent Green’ I got send.
I got it relabelled as ‘Emergency Rations’ and dropped off the last known population centers of XH8-211. The undetectable poison applied to it should help to drastically thin the population, to help the deployed Enforcer Strike Force with its task.


Enforcers WIN


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