Red’s Roughnecks

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Tiberius vs Tom

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

The Plague



The rebels of Red’s Roughnecks take advantage of the sudden confusion in GCPS authority to expand their arsenal, heading for a secret armory and weapons lab in a secure area of Outpost Delta. Little did they realise, the GCPS guards had been replaced by something much worse……..

The first turn for the plague started well when a missed mortar round scattered into a set of rebel troopers, killing all three.
Undaunted, the rebels began to move up towards the objectives with the strider and teraton leading the advance.

The Plague wait for the Rebs to close, before rushing in to spread the contagion.

Clash of the Titans – both sides troopers stay well clear as the Teraton and it’s mutated kin grapple in the ruins of the city.

Despite some hard fighting, killing a number of plague troopers and wounding more, the Rebs start to be pushed back and are in danger of being overrun.

Both Rebel Teraton’s being killed by the combined horrors of a ripper swarm and leaper drag the possibility of victory away from the Rebs. Red’s Roughnecks survivors retreat, to warn their comrades of a new threat to the future of Starfall.


The Plague WIN


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