Retreat from the Beast

AT Mazon Compound


LOCATION : Mazon Compound
COMMANDERS: Nekrat vs Uezguersmaster

MISSION : Occupy | GAME SIZE: 200pts



The Plague

The man did as told and Sarah got a clear line of sight, pulling the trigger she send a bullet through the spine of the once human thing. It collapsed on the floor.
“Everybody move! We need to get out of here.”
It was chaos, more and more infected came out of the tunnels, they had to get out of here.
She heard Spaz scream and turned, one of these things came out of the ceiling. It would surely kill her. Suddenly the thing exploded, hit by high velocity impacts. She jumped aside and rolled away, to keep away from the blood.
The tone was unerringly not human, she looked up to se Naratoth, the largest of the Chem-Pan-Sey she had met so far. His armour looked even worse than last time. Behind him were two others carrying the body of their leader with them.
“Thank you. What happened?”
“We need to leave.”
She came to her feet, while the large alien fired down the way they had come. She brought up her rifle and dispatched another one coming up the corridor.
“We found their central elevator chamber. Our first had Netart (Specialist Burst Laser) on a flanking manoeuvre. We had a good position, but there were many infected, two large ones and a Chovar driving them onward.”
(So our last campaign game and our fist of 200 points, once more decided by dice.
I had a Captain with rifle, 3 Assault Enforcers (one with Shotgun) 1 Enforcer, 1 Dog 1 Peacekeeper with Burst Laser and Schield and 2 Specialists (one with Burst and one with Sniper)
He had 2 Aberrations, Dr. Evil, 1 Guard, 4 Technicians, 3 Victims and a Chovar, I won recon and had a flanking manoeuvre.)

We immediately opened fire on the large ones, but nothing hurt them. The rest of them advanced and through several smoke covers. Hindering our efforts.
(Round 1 7 Dice attack just did nothing on the Aberration and his smoles all hit perfectly and remained in place in the second round 8 to 0 due to objectives)

Netart arrived at the flank and hit the Chovar, which was forcing the large ones forward, yet it survived. One of them took another sniper hit without effect and then jumped at us. Nevarit (Assault Shotgun) tried to stop it and was killed, then it attacked Nesahit (Sniper) but he evaded the blows. Our first attacked the beast, but was pushed back with a chest gash. The other one attacked me, and threw me of my vantage point. I got up and sprayed it, it got wounded. Nelot assisted me and wounded it also. Awhile the Herga – ce shot down one of the small ones.”
He paused for firing a burst into another emerging one, it exploded. They moved on.
(Round 2 saw me killing 1 Plague victim and generally not much else, wounding one Aberration and the Chovar 12 -1 due to the objectives an which the Mazon still sat, protected by smoke)

The other one killed Nesahit and Netaretat (Assault Enforcer), while Nelakit (Enforcer) escaped and killed a small one. I charged the hurt one before me and threw it down, it jumped up and struck down our first from behind. Nelot fired point blank and hurt it, then charged in and impaled it, freeing the body of our first.”
Sarah glanced at the barely breathing body of the Nekrat, before she saw movement down the corridor and shot. Another one went down. Where was this exit?
“Nelakit and the Herga –ce were destroyed by another infected by then. It was killed by Netart, but immediately grew a new torso and remained active. We activated our burn charges to join our fallen to memory and departed. They will attempt to flee the planet.”
(So 30 – 8, not much to say to that)

“Thank you, for everything, but we need to leave as well. This planet is done for.”
“Agreed commander. How many men do you have?”
“About 40 left.”
“Follow me, these will fit in our ship.”
Sarah couldn´t believe her ears, maybe they would get of this rock after all.


The Plague WIN


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