Scour in the Rain

AT Devil’s Run


LOCATION : Devil’s Run
COMMANDERS: PsychStewdem vs DaleHolton

MISSION : Scour 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts

Mazon Labs


The Plague

Driving rain hammered the helmets of the Mazon Lab security team, driving their 2 plague victim subjects towards the objective. Koyner was growing impatient after previous failures and had taken an engineer with a sentry gun to keep the back line held once they obtained the intel.

Once the engineer had deployed, he swiftly found that what they thought was the intel was in fact a trap and was blown sideways. It was then they saw the rogue plague zombies barrelling towards them.
From the sky, a rain of mortar and grenade fire landed all around. Managing to keep his cool, one of the security guards took out a rushing plague hound.

A marine injured by mortar fire held his ground and ended a flamethrower wielding plague, but whilst he is distracted another plague hound savages the wounded engineer. Koyner, seeing his chance, unleashes the fast acting serum to reanimate his body as a plague victim. Another plague victim makes short work of the dog, confirming Koyner’s assumption that his experiments are superior.
A gaggle of zombies rush in and take out the long range specialist, severly limiting the fire power of the mazon lab team.
A plucky security guard, having worked his way through the buildings, gets a clean shot crippling the mortar team. But he is quickly taken out by the efforts of a HMG stage 3A.

Suffering heavy losses, both sides see sense and look to withdraw. Koyner cursing once again at his lack of total domination




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