Search and Destroy with RE5-15T Rebs vs Marauders

AT Damrod Mining Facility J28


LOCATION : Damrod Mining Facility J28
COMMANDERS: John Jack vs Terry Harms

MISSION : Search & Destroy 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 150pts

John Jack
John Jack
Mantic Pathfinder from Lincoln, NE. Massive hobby enthusiast, but terrible at playing the actual games. Still continues to buy and paint toy soldiers for the sheer joy of it.




150 Rebs vs Marauders
Search and Destroy along with Protect the Nest additional scenario conditions.
Round 1:
Rebs were convinced to go first by losing the Recon roll to the Marauders Commando Captain. After positioning the Yndij scouts after deployment, the Yndij attempted to take out the massive Hulk and his strider killing weapon. The Hulk survived an 8 success barrage of incoming fire from the Yndij, whose brother was then taken out with fire from the Marauder Rainmaker. The Onslaught cannon wielding Grogan sought a higher position and was able to suppress the Hulk with great success, but even with a second Shoot command die, failed to suppress the Rainmaker. A Marauder Commando then took out the Yndij who had unsuccessfully silence the Hulk. Followed by additional movement, the Turn ended.
Rebs 0 / Marauders1

Round 2:
The Rebs troop Corporal Stalks was able to miss the Mawbeast that had run up and attempted to engage the Grogan. A second activation die helped the Grogan to easily turn the threatening torrent of teeth into a fine, red mist. The advancing Yndij, in an attempt to seize a 2 point objective marker from an advancing Marauder Commando, lost his life to a bomb Mawbeast in a flurry of teeth and fur. The Rebs strider, forgetting he was essentially cover for the Yndij captain, advanced forward in an attempt to grab at least a 1 point objective. This left the Yndij Infiltrator Commander open for a ridiculously great shot by a lurking Marauder Commando that snuffed out the commanders life. The Grogan and Corporal Stalks also were felled by the Marauder Rainmaker in a hail of terrible, TERRIBLE dice rolls on the Rebs side. Veermyn Stalkers show up on the board in the Marauders half.
Rebs 2 / Marauders 9

Round 3:
With only the other Rebs troop, the Other Corporal Stalks, and the Strider, the Rebs lost their re-rolls of the Command dice which NOW decided to have the Special Splat show up. Not a great time! The strider lumbered forward and attempted to set the Commando and the Bomb Mawbeast ablaze and kill them off. This did not work out at all, and the Hulk’s keening HEW cannon only inflicted a single wound on the Strider. The Bomb Mawbeast successfully survived being set ablaze and propelled itself forward, latching itself onto the Strider, furiously tearing away, inflicting another wound. The Veermyn Stalker successfully killed a Marauder Commando, ending the turn.

Rebs 3 / Marauders 14

Turn 4:
The plucky Reb troop, the Other Corporal Stalks, unsuccessfully shot at the Mawbeast that was tearing away at the Strider, but was able to attract its attention. With a Second Activation command die, the Strider ALSO failed to inflict any damage onto the vicious little terror. On it’s activation, the Bomb Mawbeast successfully broke away from the Strider and rent poor The Other Corporal Stalks asunder. This left the Hulk free to absolutely blow daylight through the Rebel Strider, finishing the game.
Final Score: Rebs 3 / Marauders 19

This absolutely goes to show you that dice are monumentally capricious little rats.


Marauders WIN


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