Searching for the Nest – Hretgar Grimm

AT Damrod Mining Facility J28


LOCATION : Damrod Mining Facility J28
COMMANDERS: Nekrat vs Uezguersmaster

MISSION : Search & Destroy 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts

Forge Fathers



>>> Opening Channel to Control > Authentication: Hretgar Grimm, Access Level: 1, Priority: 1 > Open

We were all in the middle of the building, it already smelled of stinks, Tharak (Steel Warrior) was between Jerah (Thorgarim) and me to see where to go. Lokar was waiting off up, to see what happens.

Some humans showed up and started to come at us. [Growls] One of them lobbed a grenade at us, aye. Scratched my paint a little, but Tharak was humped to the wall, gnah, he was fine. They could some.

Jerah ran forward and smoked himself, Tharak got to his feet. Lokar crashed down next to their Sniper, hah, that guy tumbled down three stories without a scratch. Aye, tough guy. He fast fast too and ran around and shot Lokar. His Life Support was late and only kept him alive, but not standing. Their boss found something, at least he seemed happy. (Intel for 1)

(8 – 0 lead for the Enforcers)

Some stinks appeared, one on the tower before, one by a human. [Spits] At least we had found them. I barked at Tharak, he climbed the wall and destroyed the DOG which had crept to our side. (standing on an objective) Good aim.
Jerah ran up towards what looked like some sort of antenna (2 point objective), a human was guarding it, but he hammered him. [Laughs] The guy fell down and didn´t move. Better think twain before attacking us. (In the picture the Pathfinder is still up there though)
The humans all fired on Jerah though, killed him good. Remind me to drink to him. I ran up there to see what was going on. One Stink shot at me, puny, the other one stabbed the human on the ground, but he toughed it.

(10 – 5 lead for the Enforcers)

Two more stinks showed up one right in front of me, I swung real low, it flew right of the house, breaking on the ground. [Laughs] I thundered the tower, the stink up there fell down, but survived somehow, well the humans turned him into past, as they tried with Tharak, he was wounded. I ordered him to take cover. One other stink stabbed the wounded human another one crawled up to me. Haha, showed his head above the railing. I smashed it with one blow. [Laughs] Oh, what a sight. The last two humans ran away, I threw a small hammer on the stink on the ground, hit it right in the middle, it broke. Haha.

(12 – 11 for the Enforcer, who retreated with their wanted intel)

More stinks are coming, send some men. Three for the count, tell my brother.

>>> End of Transmission > Orders for retreat send awaiting reply


Enforcers WIN


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