Second Scouting Mission by Reb strike Team RE5-15T

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: John Jack vs Sam johnson

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 125pts

John Jack
John Jack
Mantic Pathfinder from Lincoln, NE. Massive hobby enthusiast, but terrible at playing the actual games. Still continues to buy and paint toy soldiers for the sheer joy of it.




125 points of Enforcers and Rebs from the strike team RE5-15T. The enforcers started off by crushing the Recon roll and chose to set go first. The Rebs Yndij scouts all scampered through the cut rock faces to gain better position and possibly grab objectives and victory points. The Enforcer scout made his scout move to get into better position to grab the 2 point objective. The Enforcers continued a careful advance gaining the high ground for better positions to rain down gunfire on the Rebs. In an attempt to seize a Victory point and grab some loot at the same time, the Yndij left himself exposed to a line of direct fire from the Enforcer, moving around from the other side of cover. The burst laser Enforcer was able to locate an Intel marker in his move for better firing position. The Teraton, Pam the Bus Driver, was able to teleport through the blocking cover to materialize on the other side and then use an extra shoot die to immolate the gobsmackingly surprised Enforcer Pathfinder on the other side.

End of turn 1: Enforcers 2 / Rebs 2

Turn 2:
The Rebs were able to use several additional activation command dice during the previous and seize initiative. The remaining Yndij moved toward the unguarded Victory Point and keep itself concealed with the Yndij Captain’s special splat Hide in the Shadows. The Yndij Captain Yuu’ri was unable to effectively shoot at the Enforcer with the burst laser that had moved to get a better line of sight to the rampaging teraton. Pam the Bus Driver had since teleported to fight the Enforcer that had failed to damage her with his volley of firing on his turn, resulting in his immediate, and rather messy, demise. The Yndij following closely behind Pam was able to secure the 2 point cube and disappear with another Reb special splat.

End of Turn 2: Enforcers 4 / Rebs 7

Turn 3:
Enforcers’ initiative! The burst laser specialist was able to fire off a volley of shots, severely wounding Pam the Bus Driver. Perhaps as revenge for the evisceration of his comrade. To his surprise, immediately following this, he received a mortal wound from the Yndij Captian Yuu’ri’s sniper rifle. The Enforcer Sergeant was able to move forward onto the 2 point victory zone and defended it valiantly against incoming fire from the Rebel Trooper Corporal Stalks.
The wounded teraton, sensing her impending doom, dove onto the Enforcer peacekeeper with reckless abandon. Unable to wound during her own melee turn, even after using a second Fight die, the future looked grim for Pam the Bus Driver. The Peacekeeper, attempting to avenge his brethren, fought against this berserking juggernaut, receiving a wound on his own turn. A second fight die spent by the Enforcer did NOT help his situation. Pam was able to inflict a fatal blow and sealing the Enforcers defeat by the Rebs. The Yndij troopers were, again, able to Hide in the Shadows on their victory point until the end of the turn.

Final Score: Enforcers 6 / Rebs 15

Overall, the Enforcers were plagued with TERRIBLE dice rolls and the Rebs Yndij Infiltration Commanader special splat Hide in the Shadows were key to the Rebs victory. That and the dervish of destruction that is Pam the bus Driver. She has truly earned her own personal transport.


Rebs WIN


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