Secret base designation ‘Harvesting Grounds 242a’ lost!

AT Devil’s Run


LOCATION : Devil’s Run
COMMANDERS: Uezguersmaster vs The Teacher

MISSION : Scour 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts

Mazon Labs



This was my third Deadzone game.

I used it to show Deadzone to a few friends of mine. Unfortunatly I forgot to take notes, because I was busy explaining and trying to avoid doing mistakes.
It was a rather short game as the dice gods were clearly on his side. He was picking out my troopers in short order without me having any significant success other than finding both intel counters at the begining of the game.

My opponent brought some Rebels with him, so I wrote him a Rebs Army. He had a Rin Rebel Cell Leader, three Rebel Troopers, one Rebel Yndij with a Smoke Grenade, a Sphyr Lancer and two Rebel Specialists (one with Grenade Launcher, one with Onslaught Cannon).
I played the Soylent Corp Private Security, again working for Mazon Labs (and again being blasted to pieces…). I had Guard Commander Graves, one Lab Technician, one Security Guard, two Black Wing Marines, one Black Wing Ranger, one Black Wing Specialist with Flamethrower and one Plague Victim.

We played the Mission Scour 2.0.

Author: Dr. William R. Simonson
Location: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall”, MAZ-1049 – Mazon Compound, Soylent Corp research area
Subject: Project P (joint venture with Mazon Labs) – Harvesting Department
Status: active – endangered

I forward this report about another loss of valuable assets to you. This time we lost our hidden base inside Devil’s Run.
It was a small base with the main purpose of gathering new volunteers to test our newest ingredients. Since Devil’s Run is mostly inhabited by Rebels or Rebel sympathisers it usualy proved to be easy and cheap to acquire suitable test subjects.

Unfortunatly the base seems to have been discovered by a well equipped Strike Team of Rebels. We do not know much of the battle.
Our forces engaged them and were able to secure and destroy important data after relaying it to our main base before it could be obtained by the Rebels.
Other than that our Security Detail could not drive back the attack but were instead quickly put down by the intruders.
We assume all personal of that base is lost, since we were unable to re-establish contact until now.

On a positive note: It appears that the new combat drug given to the marines and injected to the volunteer made an impact. The footage of the security cameras we were able to view shows, that the test subjects continued fighting despite suffering grievous wounds. Only sustained heavy fire was able to stop them entirely.

I think we are close to a breakthrough on Project P. Within the next few test series we will have satisfying results!

You are in need of a suitable nourishment for your troops in the field?
Easy to transport, easy to store, easy to administer?

Your solution is:

Soylent P

Take the fear from your soldiers and let them ravage your enemy with the fury of wild and untamed beasts!

Soylent P is a product of Soylent Corp.
Soylent Corp – We feed your family


Rebs WIN


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