Soylent Corp research area under attack (Project P – 14)

AT Mazon Compound


LOCATION : Mazon Compound
COMMANDERS: Uezguersmaster vs Nekrat

MISSION : Scatter | GAME SIZE: 150pts

Mazon Labs



This was my fourteenth Deadzone game.

This battle was fought in week 6.

We played our “special” armies again. It was the Rebel Enforcers (Enforcers counting as Rebs) versus Soylent Corp (Mazon Labs).

I forgot to ask my opponent to give me his list, but he had at least a Captain, one Enforcer, two Assault Enforcers, a D.O.G. Drone, one Enforcer Specialist with Sniper Rifle and a Peacekeeper with Burst Laser.

I brought an Evil Dr. as Leader, four Lab Technicians, one Security Guard, two Black Wing Specialists with Flamethrower, two Plague Victims and one Aberration Specimen.

The game was short and bloody as usual, but at least that one was close.
The Aberration died with the first activation of the Enforcer Sniper but since I had a ‘Splat’ it at least birthed a Chest Burster (Plague Victim) which managed to kill an Assault Enforcer in the second turn. One of my Flamethrower Specialists deserves a honourable mention for surviving at least six (6!) shots (one of them a Clear Shot!).

The mission played was Scatter with the Sense of Dread rules.
It ended 17-14 for the Rebel Enforcers.

Author: Dr. Robert H. Bosen
Location: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall”, MAZ-1049 – Mazon Compound, Soylent Corp research area
Subject: Project P (joint venture with Mazon Labs)
Status: active – endangered

I am recording this as our compound is under direct attack by the species encountered earlier by serveral of our troops.
They breached the outer defences and are now dangeroulsy close to the control room for the cages of our specimen. Since we lost our Private Security we need to use more radical methods. My assistans and I will lead serveral of our specimen and confront the attackers.

(Shots and screams can be heard. An automatic voice rings out of a distant speaker ‘A cage has been opened. A recycling team to corridor B4, please.’)

They are close. We need to act now.

(You can hear the person standing up and running to the next door. He shouts: ‘Meyers, get yourself and your staff to me and send somebody to Dr. Simonson to escort him and the important data out of here!’)

Subject: Project P (joint venture with Mazon Labs)
Status: active – endangered

… updating …

Subject: Project P (joint venture with Mazon Labs)
Status: inactive


Rebs WIN


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