STAR SAGA: Mazon Compound Sublevel B2

AT Mazon Compound


LOCATION : Mazon Compound
COMMANDERS: Unvollkommen vs AI (Nexus)

MISSION : Divide & Conquer | GAME SIZE: 100pts

Sascha Stand
Sascha Stand
Passionate gamer from Germany.



Mazon Labs

The lights stung in their eyes. The smell was overwhelming, too.

The long, cold corridors did not help either – the creatures called “humans” had no sense for building(s), aestethics and body odour.

The small group moved in through the service tunnel and had to face one of the ugly wardens. Quick shots from the Gunslinger killed it and left its shattered remains sprayed against the wall. Even in Death they smelled worse.

More and more of the humans emerged from rooms and adjacent rooms – a never ending tide of pink and blue bodies. Yelling (and stinking) and firing their simple weapons at the intruders. Natural carapace and sharpened claws fought against shock batons and carabines.

They fought their way to the one, they knew would make any further approach possible. His pheromone signature marked him for priority target. A little bit of a coward, mixed with a tyrann attitude.

They had to kill a dozen of the pink-skins, before they could move on. The smell got even worse.

Shrill sirens added to the bad light conditions (the smell) and the bullets flying around. They had to move on.

Whatever the humans hide down here, they would uncover it.

When they finally opened the last thick doors, a new sensation assaulted their senses: creatures biological modified, infected with some kind of virus shattered their glass tanks and attacked them.

Overwhelmed they were taken apart. One by one. Dying in this sinkhole, shredded to pieces by mutant claws and adding to the stink of the compound.


Mazon Labs WIN


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