Starfall will be ours – Comeback of the Veer-myn

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Unvollkommen vs Denis

MISSION : Invade | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Sascha Stand
Sascha Stand
Passionate gamer from Germany.



The Plague

They had decided to surface near an old abandoned compound. The fading light of day, still burned in their eyes, when they had to leave the safety of their tunnels behind.

Before they could even regroup high pitched screams were raised; they had stumbled into a Plague patrol!

Swiftly they regrouped, making the most of their speed and swiftness. The heavy sniper rifle of the Malignus rang out – hitting the carapace of the leading creature between rusted hab blocks. But even the Spitter Rifle could not penetrate the thick hide at all. He reloaded and tried again, but no avail.

The creatures roared and began to advance, too.

Both factions focusing on their right flanks, the Veer-myn began to send their forces onto the objective.

The Plague formed a bastion of heavy fire power on top of one of the deserted buildings – their two HMG’s peppering the Veer-myn lines.

Slowly the Veer-myn were decimated. More by teeth and claw than by small arms, or firepower at all. The Aberration secured the objective on the right flank (Plague) and smashed into the small creature waiting there – but the little scuttler was able to get beneath the hulking beast and wound it!

In the center the massive Stage 1a made his way to the high value objective on the opposite side of the battlefield. Nothing in the arsenal of the Veer-myn seemed to able to wound, or even scratch it.

The ratkin pressed on further towards the enemy lines and was able to hold the objective, before shot and charged by several 3a’s.

Only the thunderous charge of the Nightmare could turn the tide and bring the Veer-myn the much needed W, before their forces could be destroyed completely.


Veer-Myn WIN


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