The adventures of Leonard Goliath jr

AT Devil’s Run


LOCATION : Devil’s Run
COMMANDERS: Martin Thirlwell vs Rob Burman

MISSION : Scour 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Martin Thirlwell
Martin Thirlwell
Global Trade Marketing Manager for Mantic Games. Bad loser.




*cue the music from ‘The Good Life’.

So Leonard and his boys were out for a jolly old walk through the DeadZone in Section Delta. Skipping past the wonderfully smelling corpses, kicking the odd Veer-Myn in the face and generally enjoying life. A stunning Electrical storm thundered overhead (effecting no-one) and the boys thought there was no better sight to see….

Suddenly, Gavin Inker get blown up. not just ‘land-mine’ blown up, but full on, honest to goodness Marauder grenade style blown up.

The boys all though Gavin was a gonner, but no.. through the smoke heroic Gavin squidges through the mist, his tentacles brushing off the debris from the explosion. In an act of defiance he squirts a cloud of smoke out of his sprout shaped backside, then has a sit down.

Annoyed by those irritating Greenskins, Leonard (who had recently been on a weight loss program) decided to go and have a word with those ruffians. The picnic spread was ruined, Gavin had a headache and Barry Blight wouldn’t shut up about wanting to cause a hufferybuffery.

With ease, he squelched his way through the tight corridors of this Starfall Deadzone, commenting to both Patricia Assassin and Victor Scuttler that he was really feeling the benefit of losing so much weight. He could almost get into those waist size 94 jeans he got for Christmas…

The first Marauder that Leonard came across was a rather large chap in a shiny metal suit with his pet doggies. With Mr Ripper not being great with conversation, i merely tried to articulate how unhappy we were with being blown up, and how Gavin has had to have a couple of painkillers and off to bed early. Unfortunately Mr Ripper (and said pooches) didn’t want to have the conversation so i squashed them.

Those naughty scamps Phil, Pete and Patty had scuttled off to play tag with Mr Another Ripper. Those cheeky so-and-so’s got a bit rough. Luckily he had a plaster he could put over his poorly knee and was able to shoo the Scuttlers away.

I went over to clear the air, but again he didn’t want to hear a reasoned argument.. so I squashed him.

Now Barry Blight, who by this time had spent his afternoon fetching equipment and putting it on the picnic area was getting a bit cross. He does struggle sometime to contain himself and unfortunately when he saw the Commando Captain trying to run away from Leonard he went over with a bit too much pugnaciousness and it appeared that they fell out..

…the electrical storm thundered overhead.. On Starfall it is known as a level EIGHT event which very much sounds like a TRAIN roaring along the track.. it seemed to go on forever, but may have just been thirteen times in reality. (Barry squashed him)

Anyway, must dasharoony!

Wish you were here!

Love, Leonard (jr)


Nameless WIN


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