The demise of Guard Commander Robert Thorn

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Uezguersmaster vs Nekrat

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts

Mazon Labs



This was our second Deadzone game.
My opponent brought his “Enforcer Rebs” again. He had an Enforcer Sergeant with Laser Rifle, two Assault Enforcers (one with Combat Shotgun), one Enforcer Engineer and one Enforcer carrying a Sentry Gun.
I played the Soylent Corp Private Security, again working for Mazon Labs. I had Guard Commander Graves, one Lab Technician, three Security Guards, two Black Wing Marines, one Black Wing Specialist with Flamethrower and one Plague Victim.

We played the Mission Patrol 2.0.

Author: Dr. William R. Simonson
Location: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall”, MAZ-1049 – Mazon Compound, Soylent Corp research area
Subject: Project P (joint venture with Mazon Labs)
Status: active – endangered

I hereby inform you of the loss of most of our security detail by a incident at Testing Grounds 244c-1c (near Damrod Corporation’s Command Post Delta). Attached you will find some images of one of our surveillance drones.

As you can see Guard Commander Robert Thorn led half of our remaining security detail with a few additional assets to the area where we were attacked by an unkown alien menace shortly before.
Unfortunatly our troops were engaged even before they could reach the place of the former battle.
The Commander informed us, that these creatures where in fact of the same species that he had fought before, but where not the same group. So there is a high probability, that the alien forces are sufficient enough to endanger this projects’ positive outcome.

Our troops immediately engaged this new group.
Shooting from either side seems to have been mostly ineffective in the beginning. The Flamethrower our group brought with them was lost, but they were able to secure two important positions at the center of the field.

One of the enemy troopers climbed up the building to lay down fire upon our troops, while the rest flanked or charged into combat with our volunteer. The Commander reported a slight advance in resilience of the volunteer but still a lack of combat prowess as he was overwhelmed to quickly by the enemy.

Though one of our marines managed to kill one of the enemy assault troopers the battle quickly turned against us and we lost serveral troops in a row. Guard Commander Robert Thorn tried to turn the tide of the battle by charging into close combat with the enemy but was killed within seconds.

Our remaining troops fell quickly after that loss. The last remaining Marine, following the brave example of the commander, engaged the enemy in hand-to-hand combat. He also had no chance at all.
The lone survivor, one of Commander Thron’s Security Guards, was then surrounded and killed.

(The game ended 14-7 for the Rebs.)

Please be aware that the Project is now insufficiently protected. I advice to persuade the CEO’s contact within the Council, that there is important data to recover inside the Mazon Labs Compound on Planet XH8-211.

And I herewith ask for permission to harvest the remaining bodies under cover of the night to be able produce a special limited edition of Soylent Tragic.


Soylent Tragic
Flavor of the Fallen Heroes

Let the taste of the memory of unsung heroes strengthen you!


Rebs WIN


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