The End of the Begining

AT Delta Landing Zone


LOCATION : Delta Landing Zone
COMMANDERS: Snorri vs Fiona

MISSION : Breakthrough 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 100pts

The Plague



As the world of Starfall seemed to tear itself apart, Enforcer survivors made a desperate push past a throng of Plague infected. A driving rain fell in sheets over the darkened streets near the landing zone. The fitfull glow of flickering emergency lighting illuminated the rippling of the water as the armored boots of Enforcers and shambling limbs of Plague of splashed through puddles in craters and potholes. Early and accurate fire from burst lasers cut down many of the advancing throng. Seemingly invigorated by wounds, The Plague surged forward bearing down and mauling the Enforcers holding key firing positions. Flayed hounds tore armored supermen to shreds, the flesh of the hounds ripping as sharp bone spurs and errant teeth sprouted over their boddies. One by one the enforcers fell. A shimmering in the air the only warning of a teleporting mass of ferocity which obliterated the last men who could bring a gun to bear on the horde at any dcent range. Suddenly, the great Teraton slumped as beams of searing light flashed from pistols. A perfectly placed shot from Captain Stern cored a path through what was left of the massive reptilian monster’s brain.

Stern turned to Weirs, a close combat expert. “Thought I might need you for a minute, Wiers.” Ha, sneered the warrior, “Oh no sir, You had this well in hand. Hell, that damn dog nearly did for me”. Weir’s armor was doing its best to stabilize him. Still, a sickly,yet steady, rivulet of blood still flowing from the worst of the bites. Perhaps some form of anti coagulant in the saliva of the hound was working against them.”Keep it together trooper, fall back to the landing zone”. Weirs nodded, exhuastion clear through his body language, even accounting for the masking impact of battle armor. “Sir, the intel. Perhaps we still have a chance to find it. That consol looks viable.” He was right, there was central data access terminal still live, not flickering or blacked out like all the rest they encountered; must be close enough to the landing zone to use the secured base systems. “See too it, trooper” Weirs nodded, “On it, cap”.

Stern watched Weirs set off. They were so close.In a few hundred meters this place would be a memory and medics could see to Weirs. So very close. Suddenly, there was a sound of tortured metal, straining under a heavy load and Weirs was brought down. At first, Stern thought the trooper had colapsed, then the mass of something huge came into the sickly emergency lighting. The Stage one clutched the Weirs’ head and slowly crushed it to a pulp, all the while, locking Stern with its strangly glowing eyes. In a flash, the abomination swung Weirs’ corpse like a club, demolishing the yet funtioning terminal. The monster threw what was left of Weirs at Stern. The corpse spun through the air, adding a new crimson rain to the storm. Disturbing, but a clumsy throw and on easily dodged by the Enforcer Captain. With a roar, the stage one charged Stern.It was faster than it looked,far faster. The pain was astounding. An unmodified human would have died from the impact alone. Even so, a number of system warnings flashed in Stern’s heads up feed. Sure enough, two ribs were broken and one lung was failing. Suit trauma compensators pumped Stern full of adrenaline and pain dampeners. There was no hope against this thing in a fist fight, If he could just get away for a momment Stern might head shot the bastard and get to the Landing Zone. Blinding the beast for a momment by flaring the power to his wrist blade, Stern side stepped and brought his pistol up…a second too late. The stage one brought a bone spur studded hand, wickedly sharp talons took Stern’s pistol hand off at the wrist. A momment later his wrist blade and the arm bearing it were torn off and flung aside. Stern sank to his knees, slumping in a widening pool of his own blood. As darkness claimed him, the Stage one crouched down to look Stern in the eyes, almost a macarbe parody of an adult crouching to speak to a tired child. In a voice like rumbling thunder it said “This place is ours now”.


The Plague WIN


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