The First and the Last Action of Huscarl Ragnar

AT Delta Landing Zone


LOCATION : Delta Landing Zone
COMMANDERS: Joshua Todd vs Thomas Todd

MISSION : Occupy | GAME SIZE: 100pts

Thomas Todd
Thomas Todd
A tabletop gamer for over 20 years. Recently purchased Dead zone 2nd Edition, so thought I might join this campaign as a motivation to get some games going.

Forge Fathers



The Board can be seen in the first photograph. The objectives are the two tall structures in the centre together with the two squares adjoining them. Both teams are attempting to control these objectives in order to be airlifted out of the battle zone with the Intel that they have gathered.
The initial disposition can be seen in the firstphotiograph. The Enforcers plan was to move quickly on the objectives, especially the two higher points from which they could bring fire down on the Forge Fathers. Their opponents, led by Huscarl Ragnar of this report’s title., planned to occupy the two objective squares closest to them and seek to deny the others to the Enforcers. The Enforcers were the first to make their move and maneouvered into position. Aided by a number of “Move” command dice their Specialist with the Burst Laser closed quickly on one of the objectives. One Enforcer moved rapidly to behind the first pile of rubble on his team’s right and engaged in a firefight with the Steel Warrior on the Forge Father’s left flank. Huscarl Ragnar also moved up to engage in the firefight but the first round ended with no wounds suffered by either side, despite the use of additional “Shoot” command dice. Although no hits were taken by the Forge Fathers they had failed to obtain any “Move” command dice and had used up actions in the firefight. This gave the Enforcers the upper hand as they had a number of figures ready to occupy the objectives on the second turn.

The Enforcers continued to gain the initiative. Soon they had their burst laser on one of the ground level objectives. The firefight from Round One continued apace with the Enforcer taking a wound. Nevertheless this single enforcer was holding down the Forge Fathers and making them wary of moving out of their shelter for fear of being exposed. The Steel Warrior he had initially engaged with moved to the building on his team’s left in order to grab an item but he became exposed to an enforcer who was making his way up to one of the higher objectives. FRom this vantage point he was able to get a clear shot on the Steel Warrior who was killed. The Assault Enforcer also moved up on the objectives. Reacting to the Enforcer strengthening of their position around the objective, Huscarl Ragnar urged forward his Warrior with the Dragon’s Breath. This figure managed to set on fire the Enforcer on Level 2 but was otherwise ineffective. Ragnar himself ended the Round by taking out the irritating Enforcer firing from behind the rubble.

With the Enforcers taking points for being on one objective and with one Steel Warrior lost, Ragnar knew it was time for action. However, it was the Enforcers who once again took the initiative. Their burning trooper managed to douse his flames and used his jump pack to get on top of the tall towers Another objective was now held by the Enforcers. Then the Assault Enforcer sought to engage in close combat with the Warrior using the Dragon’s Breath. This Warrior proved more than a match for the Assault Enforcer and quickly dispatched him. Using all of his available command dice Ragnar now launched an attack on the objectives to try to dislodge the remaining Enforcers who were there. The Warrior with the Dragon’s Breath managed to kill the Enforcer on the top of the tower while another Steel Warrior supported by Ragnar moved up and opened fire on the Enforcer Specialist. However, the Specialist survived this onslaught. The Enforcer Captain was away of to the rear and left of his force picking up some ammunition and so was of little help to his trooper.

Ragnar could feel victory in his grasp and acted quickly. When firepower failed to take down the Enforcer Specialist he moved in to close combat. Somehow the Enforcer survived his onslaught. Then to Ragnar’s surprise his opponent managed to jump out of the fight and get to the top of the tower. Ragnar now stood alone on an objective but he found himself exposed to a hail of Laser Bursts and fell in his first and last battle. The battle ended with the Enforcer Captain opening fire on one of the Steel Warriors but with no effect. It was now clear that the Enforcers had won the day. By the end of the Round they had 12 victory points while Ragnar’s force had acquired a total of only 6, never having held a single of the objectives at the end of any round.The Enforcers would now leave StarFall with their intelligence while the Forge Fathers would have to find another way of the planet.

So ended our first Deadzone Battle. The Enforcers managed to gain the initiative for the first few rounds and this, together with some fortuitous command dice, allowed them to quickly be on the objectives. A late assault by the Forge Fathers, despite having some initial success, was insufficient to recover the initial reverses.

Lessons that we learnt in this, our first game of Deadzone were:
(i) Holding the initiative is advantageous
(ii) Objectives should be priorities.
(iii) Keeping troops close together gives your force a more solid line to defend or attack.
(iv) Items can help but obtaining them should not supersede getting objectives.
(v) Take the high ground when and if possible.
(vi) Command dice can make all the difference.
(vii) The dice can be fickle!


Enforcers WIN


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