The Hawke report 1

AT Devil’s Run


LOCATION : Devil’s Run
COMMANDERS: Ian vs Harley

MISSION : Scour 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 125pts

Assault Enforcer Hawke
Assault Enforcer Hawke
Currently on assignment to the starfall ministry of information, media devision




I’m assault enforcer Hawke, and I’ve been assigned to the starfall ministry of information – media division, to get to the truth of all the recent rumours concerning starfall. Welcome to the Hawke Report.

Now there are many rumours about the so called “rebels” well let me tell you they are nothing but freeloaders and thieves, did you know that the vital medicines lost is 96.2% due to rebals* so for my first report I will show you a battle between these rebs, and our marauders allies.
*statistics unverified.

As the rain poors down the rebs are only concerned with stealing medical supplies, hiding away from the marauder snipers, who are having difficulty due to the torrential downpour.

The marauders consolidate on the remaining supplies and a firefight breaks out, neither side coming out on top.

The marauders deploy their rainmaker turning the fight in their favour. The rebs flee with their Ill gotten gains like the cowards they are!

As the rebs flee the mawbeasts give chase. The rebs survivors run back to their ship with what little they could salvage!
Thieves and cowards are all these rebs are! And if you think those rebs got away, wait for part 2 of THE HAWKE REPORT!


Marauders WIN


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