The ‘Soylent Brown’ shows effect (Project P – 12)

AT Fort Skar


LOCATION : Fort Skar
COMMANDERS: Uezguersmaster vs Nekrat

MISSION : Invade | GAME SIZE: 150pts



Forge Fathers

This was my twelfth Deadzone game.

The battle was fought two weeks ago. I didn’ t have time to write the battle report, but the results were entered in the right week.

This time it was Enforcers versus Forge Fathers.

Unfortunatly I do not remember the list of my opponent and that part is missing in his battle reports since the system does not show it…
I think that he used his Forge Lord (Father Grimm), two Steel Warrios, one Thorgarim, one Stormrage Veteran with Dragon’s Breath and one Hammerfist Drop Trooper.

I brought my Enforcer Pathfinders again.
(A Pathfinder Sergeant, three Pathfinders (one with Holo-Sight and one with Frag Grenade), one Pathfinder Specialist with Sniper Rifle and Ammo, a D.O.G. Drone and an Enforcer Jet Bike with Burst Laser.)

It was another massacre as every game that week.
The game started with me loosing the Recon roll, which let two dwarves make a flanking manoeuver.
The first round saw the death of my sniper and the second the arrival of the dwarves within my lines. At the end of round three only my Jet Bike was left.

The mission played was Invade with the Darkness falls rules.
It ended 21-9 for the Forge Fathers.

Recipient: Council of Seven – Member Seven
Author: Forward Observer Lorvon Kartwill (ID designate RJ26-11-83)
Location: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall” (exact position: undisclosed)
Subject: Recovering of Data Pack “Project P”
Status: active


it seems the Forge Fathers are hunting us now too.
We lost another Strike Team near Fort Skar as it was attacked by a group led by the Forge Lord of the clan we encountered earlier in this area. Only the attached Jet Bike was able to escape the slaughter and report about this.

I fear I might have underestimated the grudge raised in the dwarves by the ‘Soylent Brown’ I distributed to my troops.
Maybe showing them that we use their kind as food source was not the best idea with these stubborn and easy to be angered aliens.


Forge Fathers WIN


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