Ticket to home at Delta

AT Delta Landing Zone


LOCATION : Delta Landing Zone
COMMANDERS: Teemu Hemminki vs Vilppu Hemminki

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 275pts+



The Plague

We wanted to end this campaign with a bang and as I had managed to paint enough models during the campaign we decided to play a game of Warpath Firefight. This game represented Enforcers and Plague trying to get a hold of a landing zone which would let them get away from this doomed planet.

(As a side note, we won’t submit the result of this game to “official results” because it isn’t a game of DZ or Star Saga).

Our armies were rather basic. Small units of different kinds of Enforcers and a Strider versus hordes of Zombies, some Ghouls, Leapers, Aberration, Strider and a Lancer battle tank.

Here you can see our initial deployment.

Plague took good advantage of LoS blocking terrain and advanced with zombies in front. Tank gave covering fire and was surprisingly efficient at pinning down Peacekeepers (IIRC it even took one out). Sadly plague mortar that sat behind a building didn’t make a single hit during the game.

Enforcers on the other hand tried to take good firing positions, especially Pathfinders who sat in their crater shooting at various targets for the whole game. Assault and Tactical Enforcers also with jump packs maneuvered around the fence, preventing plague monsters from getting into melee.

On the right front, Defenders and Strider tried to slow down the zombie hordes. Strider didn’t do too good, but Defenders blasted many models away with their shotguns and incinerator.

Plague Strider wasn’t too effective either, but Zombies and Ghouls advanced towards Enforcers relentlessly and managed to kill everyone else but the Incinerator. Incinerator jumped around, bursting flames at zombies for a while until he was shot down by massed fire from Ghouls.

Only 2 Assault Enforcers succumbed to wounds caused by Leapers, but onslaught of Aberration wasn’t as merciful. Revenge came from Pathfinders who shot down the Leapers. Unfortunately doing so they attracted the attention of Aberration who assaulted and killed them in just 2 rounds of combat.

Remaining Enforcers withdrew to the center ruins of the table. Aberration and Ghouls took control of command points and Zombies drew the attention of Enforcers. Score was 11-6 in favor of Plague.

Skull Squad Enforcers had lost the game and left behind on the volatile planet. Dreaded Death Claws strain of Plague would soon consume some other planet.


The Plague WIN


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