Too much effect… (Project P – 13)

AT Fort Skar


LOCATION : Fort Skar
COMMANDERS: Uezguersmaster vs Nekrat

MISSION : Invade | GAME SIZE: 150pts



Forge Fathers

This was my thirteenth Deadzone game.

The battle was fought two weeks ago. I didn’ t have time to write the battle report, but the results were entered in the right week.

It was Enforcers versus Forge Fathers again.

We used the same lists as last battle. For the Dwarves it were even the same troopers with the exception of the Hammerfist Drop Trooper which was their only loss in the last game…

As with every game of that week I suffered a massacre.

I lost the recon roll again (!!!).
This time I tried to hide my troops. My opponent threw all his smoke grenades in the first turn and reached my troops in the second round (four dead Pathfinders, one dead dwarf). In turn three the dwarves managed to hold the 4 point objective and end the game with two Enforcers left alive for a change.

The mission played was Invade with the Darkness falls rules.
It ended 16-4 for the Forge Fathers.

Recipient: Council of Seven – Member Seven
Author: Forward Observer Lorvon Kartwill (ID designate RJ26-11-83)
Location: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall” (exact position: undisclosed)
Subject: Recovering of Data Pack “Project P”
Status: active


now I am sure. We are hunted by both elder races present on planet XH8-211.
The surviving members of the last beaten Strike Team confirmed that assessment.

I am sorry to inform you, but I must advise you to abort this mission if you do not want to seriously endanger the operational effectiveness of the Enforcers stationed on this planet.
If we keep losing troops at this rate the whole Strike Team dedicated to this planet is in peril and we could lose the control over this Deadzone.

The bombardment I ordered to be prepared is ready.
Do you want us to destroy the planet so your data pack does not get into the wrong hands?


Forge Fathers WIN


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