Trying to save the most importent person on this planet (Project P – 15)

AT Delta Landing Zone


LOCATION : Delta Landing Zone
COMMANDERS: Uezguersmaster vs The Teacher

MISSION : Scatter | GAME SIZE: 150pts

Mazon Labs



This was my fifteenth Deadzone game.

This battle was fought in week 6.

It was Mazon Labs versus Asterians.
This time we had actual miniatures for both sides, only the Sky Razor had to be depicted by a someone that looks like he escaped from Bravestarr and the guy who looks like an Overseer is a Cypher Prime.

If I remember correctly my opponent brought a Cypher Prime, two Kalyshi (one with Energy Shield (3)), one Marionette, one Marionette Specialist with Sniper Rifle, one Black Talon, a Support Drone with Twin Noh Rifles and one Sky Razor. And someone had an item that I can’t remember…

I brought an Evil Dr. as Leader, four Lab Technicians, one Security Guard, two Black Wing Specialists with Flamethrower, two Plague Victims and one Aberration Specimen.

This was one of the few games were the dice gods were on my side. I had enough ‘Splats’ every round so that the first real loses for me occurred in round three (the Aberration and three Plague Victims) and since at the end of round four there were only one Kalyshi and the Sky Razor left of my enemy, I actually won.

The mission played was Scatter with the Sense of Dread rules.
It ended 20-12 for the Soylent Corp (Mazon Labs).

Author: Dr. William R. Simonson
Location: Planet XH8-211 “Starfall”, Delta Landing Zone (underground)
Subject: Saving important personel for Project P
Status: active – endangered

We need to get of this godforsaken planet!
I am to important to die here, so I took what was left of my personal security and some specimens and I made my way to the Delta Landing Zone.
But there are Asterians in our way. We tried to avoid them but now they are all over us. We need to destroy these damn aliens.
Why are they here anyway?

We managed to push threw them. We are almost beneath the Landing pad now!


Mazon Labs WIN


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