Turtle eggs and electronic chips

AT Devil’s Run


LOCATION : Devil’s Run
COMMANDERS: Ross Diggle vs Mark Campo

MISSION : Divide & Conquer | GAME SIZE: 150pts

Ross Diggle
Ross Diggle
Side kick of the illustrious Dr Deadzone.




Major Chard had information about a terrorist cell trying to run a protection racket in the devil’s run region of starfall. This wouldn’t do. She found an area with useful components and cache that filthy criminal scum would love. Getting the jump on the rebs, she set up a cunning ambush at the choke point. Forward positioning her veterans, missile launcher and and 1 of the holosight armed veterans in towers.

After the full force of the rebs had moved in to the zone of control, the filthy space monkeys legged it into forward scouting positions. No matter signalled the Major. The opening salvo was both the grenade launcher and the missile launcher double lobbing and streaking the rev positions. Blowing teratons around,killing both the rev snipers knocking yndij out of towers. Causing the rebs to have to regroup. The returning fire wounded the missile launcher. They’d get over it.

After all the first magazines and launch pods were spent on both sides. The lone recruit skunk onto one of the cache, in a surprise flanking manouver, even finding himself a medipack. If he survives enough battles this one could be useful.

After finding some extra ammunition, a filthy space monkey decided to shoot at the Major, she dropped badly injured, combat ineffective for the remainder of the push. The rev spy drones rushed forward trying to claim objectives and support the yndij commander who had run forward to claim a differing computer terminal with banking info. The huge female turtle charged into the recruit hoping to beat him into submission. The recruit fended off the teraton like a boss. The holosight armed trooper in the tower with the missile launcher impressed by the recruit took careful aim just like the Major had taught them, dropped the turtle to the complete surprise of the recruit as pulses of metal whizzed past his head and arms into the armoured torso of the teraton.

The yndij leader thought he was safe from the fire, he didn’t realise that these were no GCPS green troops, 2 veterans charged him and cut him up despite his prowess at arms. The NCO who’d taken charge following the Mayor’s incapacitation allowed one filthy space monkey to leave to spread the news to his friends that they’re out of business. Turtle soup and eggs is on the table now. The humans will make excellent soylent green. The monkeys are sold as venison. The drones will make fantastic security camera and help the refrigeration units with their chips. Heron Frozen Foods Corp is back in the game. With an 18 – 6 win.




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