Veer-Myn, yum, tastes like pork

AT Command Post Delta


LOCATION : Command Post Delta
COMMANDERS: Ross Diggle vs Andrew Sharp

MISSION : Patrol 2.0 | GAME SIZE: 200pts

Ross Diggle
Ross Diggle
Side kick of the illustrious Dr Deadzone.




The GCPS of Heron Frozen Foods Corp advanced upon the eastern flank of their forward operations base to see about expanding. All of a sudden the advanced sensors of the Strider picked up movement approximately 800 yards to the north west. The Sergeant ordered his troops to take positions as several bipedal rat like creatures ran forward throwing smoke grenades. The grenade Launcher carrier ran up then fired his launcher at an area, containing one of two chemical hazard outputs. He hit sending a ratswarm, a pistol wielding rat and a progenitor flying in different directions. the progenitor left in a slightly bloodied heap. It was going well. Meanwhile one of the stalkers ran up and found some intel. Three of the recruits ran up and one found a stun grenade, some AP Ammo, the other found a bobby trap sending him flying and leaving him with ringing ears. Meanwhile the Malignus fired his chemical grenade in revenge at the human grenade launcher, wounding him and knocking him down to the floor. Several Veterans and the strider all took up positions to take out a rat swarm that was trying to flank. All of them being completely ineffective. A stalker hiding in a window was gunned down by a specialist with a holosight. first blood. The remaining rats ran up to claim a smoke shrouded objective, forgetting that a missile launcher could see the smoke. Missile launcher blasted the smoke throwing a rat swarm and two stalkers cleanly out of the cube, wounding one of the stalkers and the rat swarm. end of the first turn leaves the score 1 – 1. The 2nd night terror came onto the field right in front of the strider due to a sneaky flanking manoeuvre.

The night terror immediately charged a veteran who was on overwatch and wounded the night terror. In return neither managed to hit each other in the ensuing combat. A stalker charged the weapons team, failing to injure it, but locking it down in combat. A recruit tried to throw a stun grenade at a night terror and a stalker and completely missed, so he retreated to a higher position. The night terror charged at the recruit and grenade launcher to be shot at on overwatch to no effect. The prone and wounded grenade launcher was eaten in one go. The stalker charged and failed to kill the recruit. Meanwhile the holosight effective trooper was blown by a grenade into the same cube generating a fight. It didn’t end well. The recruit tried to make a tactical withdrawal and was subsequently ripped limb from limb. The veteran engage with the flanking night terror tried to retreat to fire at the said terror, he didn’t make it five yards. Two Knifes the infamous stalker climbed into a building where the recruit was hiding and final got a kill. Two Knives has finally earned his moniker. The last recruit ran onto a 2 point objective. The strider jumped down on to the night terror, even though he’s bigger and the terror was wounded he couldn’t land a blow. The flanking rat swarm charged the remaining recruit but only managed to wound him. So a stalker ran in to follow up on the job. Turn 2 ended 1 – 14 to the Veer-Myn

The weapons team escaped from the stalker taking a wound in the process, only to be charged by the night terror and murdered. One of the rat swarms charged a tower controlled by two veterans who managed to wound the rat swarm. The night terror was surged into the veteran that had been backing up the weapons team. This left the stalker free to charge the sergeant only to be held off. The sergeant fled the cube to clear shot with height, doing absolutely diddly squat. He then used his flame thrower to target the cube containing the strider and the night terror. The Primogenitor then grenade launchered the sergeant wounding him and blowing him down to the floor. The remaining GCPS specialist used his holosight to shoot the embattled night terror, finally taking him out. following up with a 2nd shot action to take out a stalker stationed upon an objsective. Another stalker ran in to finish of the prone and bleeding out sergeant. The two remaining veterans and the rat swarm in the tower decided to use pillows upon each other. The Game therefore ended 5 – 26 to the Veer-Myn. The strider, the specialist and the 2 remaining veterans slunk off, to sell the three dead Veer-Myn as pork substitute.


Veer-Myn WIN


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