Product of a secretive research programme run by the Council of Seven, the men and women of the Enforcer Corps are the brutal face of the Council’s authority. Pervasive and super advanced nanite technology augments these soldiers to be better than human on every level, both physical and mental. An Enforcer can run further, fight harder and think quicker than even the very best corporation veteran, and will follow whatever orders are handed to them without question or hesitation. Complimenting their physical and mental perfection are the very best equipment and weaponry that the Council can procure. Armour which can stop all but the heaviest blows and impacts, weapons which combine pinpoint accuracy with deadly stopping power and vehicles built for speed and durability combine with the natural aptitude of the Enforcers themselves to produce an unstoppable military force.

Enforcer Strike teams are often remarked upon as the Council’s way of making public points, yet in reality Enforcer actions tend far more to the discreet. Enforcers strike swiftly and with little warning. Elite forward scouts known as Pathfinders prepare the way for the Strike Teams to follow, and when heavy resistance is expected, Veterans will deploy in hulking suits of Peacekeeper Armour, the Forge-Father based technology rendering each Enforcer a walking tank capable of tearing down enemy strongpoints and battering larger opponents and even small vehicles into submission. Where the Enforcers go, swift death follows. They are the Council’s will made manifest, the wrath of the Seven given flesh and the greatest military force the galaxy has ever known. Even the mightiest alien warriors and the most hardened criminals and pirates are given pause by the news of an incoming Enforcer fleet.


The Council of Seven’s punishers. When it’s going down this is who humanity turns to….. unless you are a part of humanity that has been deemed for liquidation in which case its already too late to run.

Armour on everyone, good shoot and survive stats and a wide range of weapons make the enforcers a tough nut to crack. They are fast and with the more lightly armoured pathfinders can secure commanding positions early in the game. If you want more survivability then just load out on Peacekeepers with armour 2 and the ability to take a defender shield they won’t be going anywhere fast.

Their only weakness is in close combat but the assault enforcer can hold its own against most comers. Besides who would even let them get that close?


If you’re thinking of taking Enforcers as your faction in with Outbreak, then the Enforcer Faction Starter is a great place to start. It contains a wide variety of troops including enforcers, assault enforcers, and specialists, pathfinders and DOG drones, and a Peacekeeper Captain to lead your strike team into the Deadzone. You can create a small strike team using a few of the miniatures, or make use of all of the miniatures to build a campaign army.

While the Enforcers have access to many specialists and weapons to execute the Council’s Orders, there are few more powerful than the Ajax Siege Strider. This unit is unique to the Enforcers and is perfect if you want to add a super-resilient heavy hitter to you strike team. Armed and armoured with a Grav-Ram Spear and an Aggressor pattern shield, this walker can withstand copious punishment as it moves into assault range to deliver the finishing blow. Add this to the Faction Starter above and you will have a force to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies (or allies!).




Since their earliest encounters with Orcs, humans have consistently underestimated their kind. Brutish and bestial in appearance, with tough hide,

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