Mazon Labs

On the surface Mazon Labs is one of the biggest pharmaceutical corporations within the GCPS. Its glossy HD vids regularly play between DreadBall rushes and show happy scientists busy working in glistening, clean laboratories. The company’s slogan ‘for a better galaxy’ heralds its much talked about quest to stamp out disease using new antibiotics based on the spores, fungi and alien lifeforms the GCPS discovers in its quest to reach further into space.

However, scratch beneath the shining surface of Mazon Labs and you’ll quickly find something far darker. Its facilities are guarded by some of the GCPS’ deadliest rangers and it’s not uncommon to see a Strider patrolling the boundary. It’s not clear if the rangers and Striders are there to keep intruders out, or to keep something else in.

Although some of the scientists are engaged in using their discoveries for the betterment of mankind, the majority are working hard to weaponize their findings. These new pathogens can then be sold on the black market to the highest bidder and quickly find their way into combat situations. It’s not uncommon to see empty Mazon-branded canisters alongside shell casings on a battlefield.

With an unknown amount of Mazon research facilities spread across numerous planets, those in their employ are often caught up in the chaos of a Containment Protocol. Mazon press statements brush over the fact the initial outbreaks are frequently situated near their facilities – claiming it’s pure coincidence.


These guys are just GCPS aren’t they? Nowhere even close! They have everything the GCPS has and more in the fast attack from Plague victims, psychic support from the organic data storage unit and pure destructive capacity of the Aberration.

Don’t forget the lowly lab techs who have a very important role in grabbing objectives and keeping your plague victims from rampaging with their shock batons.

The security guards are good supporting models with your Urbana Black Wing Rangers able to scout ahead to secure the best positions for the attack.


The only way to get started with the Mazon Labs is by buying our sci-fi dungeon crawler – Star Saga: The Eiras Contract. You see, the Mazon Labs is actually made up of minions and bosses from Star Saga. It’s like you’re getting a free board game with your Deadzone faction!

If you’re quick, you can pick up the Kickstarter Edition of Star Saga, which contains extra minions – like the Lab Technicians and Rangers. What’s more, if you use the code ‘OUTBREAK’ during checkout, you’ll get 20% off the total price. It also comes with some handy scenery you can use to scatter around the board during your games of Deadzone. What a bargain!




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Mazon Labs

On the surface Mazon Labs is one of the biggest pharmaceutical corporations within the GCPS. Its glossy HD vids regularly

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