Previously thought to be a benign and peaceful race by the GCPS, many are starting to change their minds about the intentions of the so-called Nameless. Occasional raids on outposts and lone starships were written off as pirate activity, however it is now becoming increasingly clear that the seemingly gentle Nameless have hostile intentions.

Through makeshift translation, information has emerged detailing that back on the Nameless homeworlds a religious rift is splitting the species apart. The vast majority of the Nameless live as members of the sects that dominate their worlds. Historically, the Federation of these groups has largely seen humanity and the rise of the GCPS with total indifference… but that has begun to change.

A particularly vicious group – known as the Ul-Ug’urub – has come to the conclusion that the GCPS is vulnerable and ripe for conquest. To the Ul-Ug, the GCPS is like the near-dead mass of a stellar whale. It is a floating feast, one that struggles feebly against the galactic tide, knowing that it will, eventually, inevitably, succumb to a circling predator. Many are already nibbling at its corpse. There is blood in the water, according to the Ul-Ug, and they have begun a movement to devour it.

The Federation as a whole though is not yet inclined toward war with the GCPS. But the Nameless tend to swim in a shoal. As long as the upstart sects continue to win victories against the GCPS, claim more territories and resources for themselves, their movement will grow. If they are not stopped, all-out war is inevitable.


Tentaculus! These guys are a mixed bunch with some decent shooting in a few models, some great fighting in a few too. However, to use them well you will have to maximise the uniqueness of each model by using stealthy, psychic support and triclinic shards to get the most from them.

The Ogre and Goliath are nigh on unstoppable but only a fool would let them get close. Your inkers can be critical to keeping your models safe from harm by using their once per game smoke to protect your more vulnerable models from shooting.

Drones and Caratids can be very good at jumping on objectives but don’t forget that in numbers even the lowly scuttle can do good work. The Assassin meanwhile can be devastating against size 1 models, though bigger models are likely to prove too hard for it.

Each of the leaders brings a very different way to play and good use of their Special Ability can be game changing.


You’ve actually got a couple of options when it comes to getting started with the Nameless. Of course, the most obvious place is the typical faction starter. This includes brand-new resin units like the Psychotroid leader, Caratid troop and Needle Drones. However, if you fancy an alternative option, you could also pick up the Terror in the Deep expansion for Star Saga. This includes three of the Ogre, Scuttler, Assassin, Inker, Rifleman and Gunslinger, plus a Terror specialist and the Blight leader. Plus, you get a couple of new mercs that we can’t possibly confirm or deny will be featuring in next year’s Command Protocols.

With your core troops in place, you’ve then got a few very exciting options to increase your ranks. If you’ve already bought Terror in the Deep, then the Goliath expansion certainly makes sense as it forms an optional extra mission for Star Saga. Of course, there’s also the really rather wonderful Bathomite. Made in resin, you’ve got plenty of options for dynamic poses too.




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