Chris Lowry
Chris Lowry
I'm a newish Deadzone player, just bought it as a way to get into the miniatures hobby with my 7 year old. And then had *so* much fun. My wife keeps beating me too now...

So we saw this campaign was going live, and we had a day to manage an entry into the first week. And… its bank holiday weekend, and everything is shut.

And I’ve always wanted to get a monobike rider. So… we raided by sons toys. We came up with two Strike Teams, and a story for our poorly equipped team of Enforcers, desperately needing to increase their armament whilst stuck on a broken planet…

* * *

“Pathfinders. What, Council-save-you, are you doing?”, laughed Ric. His incinerator carefully leaning against a wall, the Enforcer Specialist squinted at the four figures. They appeared to be pulling out the battered remnant of an old Corp patrol car.

Ignoring him, Corporal Snil pulled on the starter. With a surprisingly quiet hum, the machine ticked into life.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. Two of squad behind her high fived excitedly, whilst the tall, silent sniper Gan stepped back and surveyed the machine.

“She’ll do”, remarked Gan, the usually taciturn older man choosing a rare moment to speak.
Ric watched with interest as the squad set up their specialist with his makeshift monobike – especially unusual given it had double the normal number of wheels.

An order came over his comm unit, and the humour disappeared in an instant. A squad of those rock hard space dwarves had been sighted. It was time for action…


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