*Alert! Plague Infiltration of Fort Skar. Subject 901 Present*

Stark at night in the moonlight and sweeping searchlights, Fort Skar holds terraforming technology several factions are vying to control.

As night falls, Stelson Wire, better known across the GCPS as Subject 901, gathers his elite strike force at the walls of Fort Skar and as a secondary force causes a diversion for Captian Curtz’s occupying Marauders elsewhere along the Fort’s defences, Plague Victims dart forwards from the shadows, scaling the walls as larger forms lurk behind them and chitinous shapes slither and writhe alongside.

Once inside, Wire commands his fearsome forces to attack, and as the shadowy surveillance image shows; Stage 2As, Plague Swarms, 3D “Hellhounds”, Plague Victims and the commanding form of Wire himself leap into the fray in a snarling, hissing tidal wave of teeth and claws…


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