Basing my Rebs Misile launcher Weapon Team

Freek Mandema
Freek Mandema
Rebs and mazon labs player. Netherlands based. Playing rebs in the campaign

Having finished a mortar weapon team, next on my list was the missile launcher weapon team from te Rebs booster.

In the original 2nd edition deadzone book the sphyr and human were considered two seperate models and, subsequently, were based on two bases. One of the main reasons for not using the misile launcher was that I thought it looked a bit ridiculous to have the Sphyr model wave around a missile in empty air. Especially, because the Sphyr and human are such cool interlocking models.

With the release of ‘outbreak’ the two models became a weapon team. The rules for a weapon team in outbreak state that it should either be based on a 60mm base, or the models should be beased on seperate bases and always be in base to base contact.

The 60mm base is way to big for the two small models and is inconvenient for gameplay purposes, because there is way to much base that can be seen.

Two seperate bases seems inconvenient as well, because you constatntly have to move two models. Also, I really did not want the Sphyr loader as a seperate model.

So, I decided on the rule-legal option of two bases and decided to connect the bases with some putty. A simple solution, but I am really happy with the result. With the two models close together, it now is one of my favorite models!

Next, throwing some paint on them!


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