Black Mezon Labs: Now hiring!

Do you want to further the advancements of mankind? To visit distant worlds and study alien lifeforms? To uncover the secrets of the universe with some of the best co-workers out there?
Then do I have good news for you!

Black Mezon Labs, a research and development branch under NESSEN Corp. are now hiring!
From the nerdy lab technician to the.. less nerdy but certainly not less intelligent grunts in the security forces, there’s a place for everyone here at Black Mezon Labs. So what are you waiting for? Send your application today and you could be in space by tomorrow!

You might not be in space by tomorrow, we go through our applicants thoroughly with background checks and personal aptitudes. Results may vary depending on what role you apply to. When applying you also agree to let us use any and all personal information about you, your family, your pets and any loose connections you may have aquired during your life, as we please.

I had not intended to get to work on my Mason Labs anytime soon. What with all those Marauders sitting here halfway done. But when inspiration takes hold, you better grab on and just let it take you for a ride while it lasts! So here’s the start of my Mason Labs force. They might even get to see some action before the campaign is over!

NESSEN Corp is ever expanding! Long live NESSEN!


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