Custom Bomb-Bot

Chris Lowry
Chris Lowry
I'm a newish Deadzone player, just bought it as a way to get into the miniatures hobby with my 7 year old. And then had *so* much fun. My wife keeps beating me too now...

So we saw this campaign was going live, and we had a day to manage an entry into the first week. And… its bank holiday weekend, and everything is shut.

And my son has always wanted a Bomb Bot. So… we made one out of bits, and lego. We came up with two Strike Teams, and a story for our poorly equipped team of Forge Fathers, desperately needing to increase their armament whilst stuck on a broken planet…

* * *

“Arq’ron! Where’s that dratted wrench” snarled Grimtek, rustling around amongst the assorted debris to find the tool he needed.

Huscarl Errlon N’tarr watched the his Brokkr engineer working, a tired, drawn expression on his face. What an absolute mess! Stopping off on XH8-211 to trade a few, much-needed spare parts at a squatter camp, his squad had been trapped when quakes had rent through their landing pad, totally wrecking their landing gear.

“Star Realm be damned! I’m not putting my name to this, N’tarr!” called out Grimtek, deep inside the carcass of a large wheel, furiously bolting pieces together.

The Huscarl turned away. He knew his engineer well, and his relentless pessimism was renowned amongst their team. More importantly, he combined all the best Brokkr qualities: iron hard reliability, and a refusal to admit defeat. The Bomb-bot would work, slightly increasing their range of options if anyone ran across them in this wasteland.

Hopefully though, they could just wait it out. Hopefully, there would be no need to fight anyone…

“Silence, Grimtek”, he commanded in a terse whisper. Gazing beyond the ruined buildings, he could see figures moving. “Lads, weapons ready. It looks like we might need them”…


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