Death Cult of Skar

Joseph Russo
Joseph Russo
I’m Joe, events organizer for The Hydra’s Lair tabletop tactical games in Carson City, Nv. If you’re in the area, come on down and look us up!

“Ever since Security Chief Ajax started preaching that new macabre religion of his, the lab has gotten stranger and stranger. The good doctor has begun shifting all research from pathogen containment to proliferation. He insists whenever questioned, ‘to stop it, first we need to see how to spread it.’ Everyone in the lab seems like nothing is amiss, but I can’t help feel disturbed by the change in the atmosphere. The new salution has become ‘Everything dies!’ and if that weren’t creepy enough, Ajax has been taking our specimens out in ever increasing frequency for field tests. Yesterday, we were alerted to ‘an incident’ topside, and Ajax came back severely wounded with a handful of prisoners he claims are ‘infected’ but they looked like healthy (albeit wounded) corporate enforcers. Before I could do intake, he rushed them to containment. I think I should contact headquarters, or maybe the ETCU. Doctor Krenig is coming… I’ll finish this report lat-“
-Holotape discovered in a recently abandoned lab facility.

Hey folks, now that I have my Mazon Labs models in, it’s time to get started on painting! Only have the basing done so far, but I’ve decided to style them as a death cult. Likelihood is high they’ll be in similar colors to my Fist of Entropy plague team.

Stay tuned, updates to come!



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