FF militia. part 1

Grim Alexanderson
Grim Alexanderson
Hi there. I'm from Moscow, Russia. Mostly play with my wife on kitchen table, but some times i have time to play in LGS.

Some forge fathers militia in work.
Here I have them assembled. Used legs+back from 1ed steel warriors, now known as a titular militia. Torso, hands and heads are from steel warriors.
I made press-mould kneadite torso copies. Cut backs and glued hands in. Then skulpted gaps and plased heads.
Three are made this way, fourth was specialist.
This way models look much cooler then originals. Also they are good stand in with steel warriors, thanks to same guns. But are smaller.

Things to do: skulpt some more around capes, might add hoods, glue more rubble on bases, paint.


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