Fist of Entropy

Joseph Russo
Joseph Russo
I’m Joe, events organizer for The Hydra’s Lair tabletop tactical games in Carson City, Nv. If you’re in the area, come on down and look us up!

Former Girl Scout and top of her second grade class, little Penelope Greymoor was a happy girl living on the GCPS colony of Nexus Psi. She never even knew what hit her, when The Plague ran rampant through her town.

Penelope awoke one day, no longer a darling little belle, but an 8 foot tall hulking overlord of pestilence. Using the cranial enhancements caused by the plague, and the strategies she learned from her father teaching her his favorite wargame, “Kings of War”, Penelope overran much of the face of Nexus Psi, with her new recruits, The Fist of Entropy.

Her top man, General Skinsaw led the capture of key strategic assets on Psi, and after a night of celebration, discovered a flier for an invitation to a planet called Starfall just off the Mariana Curtain. Some kind of massive tourist destination for the late summer. It was ripe for plunder, and even riper for infection. With Overlady Penelope’s leave, Skinsaw assembled his team, readied his stolen inter-stellar cruiser, and set the McKinley for Starfall’s coordinates.
His orders: Establish a base camp to land the rest of his comrades in reinforcement.
Time to lay fists.


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