Foam Deadzone Terrain & Uses for Random Scrap Pieces

John Jack
John Jack
Mantic Pathfinder from Lincoln, NE. Massive hobby enthusiast, but terrible at playing the actual games. Still continues to buy and paint toy soldiers for the sheer joy of it.

I recently acquired a large amount of 2″ pink insulation foam and had poached/blended several ideas I had seen on the internet. I cut them into various shapes, all in 3″ increments to match up with the standard DZ terrain. Then since the foam was 2″ thick, I took smaller pieces cut into 1″ widths, and glued them onto the other pieces using Loctite Power Grab glue to make them DZ appropriate widths and heights. Some of them were a bit off but ended up being almost exactly 1 1/2″ so it’s a half-cube kind of serendipitous thing.
To cover up the obvious seams in the glue and pieces where I didn’t quite match the two pieces exactly, I used drywall mud and to cover it. I took a damp paper towel and wadded it up to make the striations in the mud after it had set for a few minutes. This allowed the striations to be a bit smoother and natural looking than was possible with the standard putty knife/spatula.
It ended up taking quite a while for some of it to dry since some of it was so thick, but I have yet to have any of it chip off.
I then quick-painted it with 4 different rattle cans of spray paint to try and match the Infestation DZ mats, which I promptly left somewhere else and had to make a 2’x2′ 1/2′ Masonite board to use for the game.
To help fix some flaws in the drywall mud and give the horizontal surfaces a little cleaner look, and to make them clearly for use in Deadzone by having 3″ square/cube areas, I used a bunch of random extra DZ terrain pieces I had around and some extra flock to give it kind of a carved out mining complex look. I’m thinking about adding ladders/stairs for aesthetics and possibly for designated points to climb up instead of just saying “Yeah, it’s all just climb-able, blocking terrain.” Maybe making it a bit more maze-like for different scenarios.


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