From the Depths they come…

My poor neglected Marauders will never get done at this rate. Now the Nameless have invaded my desk space and started their ascent to Painthood.
After months (if not years! That John Doe from Dreadball has lurked there in the dark abyss of my mind since the Kickstarter) of juggling paint schemes I finally decided upon this one after gathering some inspiration from image searching “nautilus”.

So I’ve currently made The Blight, a Needler and an Inker.
Blight got more tentacles. Partly cause I didn’t really like the mouth but more to tie him in with the rest of the tentacle-faced Nameless.
Taking inspiration from flyfish, the Needler lost its backfin but gained some dorsal ones.
Little Inky got an extra pair of tentacles since you know, you can’t have too many!

Lastly there’s a ROUGH concept of my source of inspiration. :)


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