Hailstorm rifle conversions for Steelwarriors

In this little tutorial, I will show you how to add some variety to your Steelwarriors with one little trick. With the basic sprue you get 3 different options for your Steelwarriors to hold a Hailstorm rifle, but with this quick and easy conversion, you can expand the range of poses a little more.
All you need in addition to a Steelwarrior sprue are holstered or open pistols, e.g. from the GCPS Marine set or from the Enforcers. Other weapons with exposed grips might as well too, but the Enforcers and GCPS ones are usually quickly at hand.

1. Cut off the orginal right hand on the rifle clean off, then cut off the laser pistol’s barrel close to the trigger guard – Take good care to leave the trigger guard intact.
See Picture 1 below
2. Unless you managed a clean, straight cut on both weapons, you will probably need to smooth the areas straight, so the (former) pistol grip will sit tight on the stock of the rifle. I use a file and sanding paper for that purpose. Dry fit before gluing to see if it worked out
3. Glue the grip on the rifle’s stock using plastic cement. With the plastic melting together, slight imperfections almost correct themselves.
See Picture 2 below
4. All you need to do now is to assemble a few Steelwarriors, glue the left hand on the rifle stock on a left arm as usual – and experiment a little. I had converted a few Brokkr with hailstorm rifles, so I had their hammers left over, but giving a Steelwarrior a Hailstorm pistol in addition to the rifle is also a nice touch.
Picture 3 Example conversions I did.
It’s fast and easy and adds some variety to your force! Have fun!


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