Modular Terrain piece: Outpost 01

Hello fellow Deadzone players!

Mantic’s Terrain is quite well designed to be built modular.
And it doesn’t need fancy high tech euqipment to do so! All you need is some extra plastic card or if you want to get a really good look an extra sprue of connectors.

So here are pictures of my modular outpost: Outpost 01
Built essentially from three terrain kits: Military checkpoint Set for one piece of the base structure, Battlezones: Sci-Fi Defence Lines for the barricades on top, and additional pannes for the 2nd basic piece that also can go on top and some other pieces

Connection in the vertical axis is done by two techniques:
1. the outside straight connectors avoid slipping to the outside – here you can us anything from plastic card to the real connectors – you will have to cut of one of the little knobs as you can see on one of the pictures.

2.using the 90° Angle connectors als slot-in connectors to slot in into the cube below.

This way you can stack the cubes and they cannot slip out of position as the are held firmly on place in regards to both horizontal axis. Gravity does the rest.

The other thing you can do is removable walls:
Again we use the 90° Connectors without gluing and you can slot in the wall and remove it by bending the outer wall so that the connector losens up.

To make the connectors slot-in more easy it is highly recommended to be careful not to paint the holes they are to slot in and to use a file to make the a tad slimmer to fit in nicely.
As said: Gravity does the rest.

Also for stability I tend to use 90° piece for barricades and battlements as you can see in the pictures.

Battlements: Again I use the 90° connectors to make modular pieces that once put on each other form 90° pieces and if you slot those in into the substructure they are so solid in there they will not fall off or slide sideways.

Hope you find this inspirational and have a look at the pictures for further information.


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